Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here comes the sequel to Varlamov's success mask

Washington Capitals
David Gunnarsson's previous mask design for Washington Capitals' Russian coming star Semyon Varlamov made big success when it entered the ice at the start of the NHL season 2009-2010. Here now comes the sequel. The design goes in same spirit, but now mostly in red, in perfect symbiosis with the first mask that was mostly in blue.

Again half of the design is devoted to Russia and the other half to USA, all framed by Caps graphics. The design is a symphony of photo-realistic motifs, graphics and 3-D effects.

Go to MaskGallery to check out this extremely detailed mask design that shows mask art of today.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bones'n Preds is the obvious name on Ellis' new Nashville design

Nashville Predators
Nashville Predators have a new cool third jersey, and of course they wanted masks designed for this uniform! The cool Preds animals that David has created for Dan Ellis before rule also on this mask design. Dan wanted them to appear as sceletons falling apart, bones are falling here and there, and you can see the ribs...they've been in a fight or two...!

The Preds show their rage on each side of the mask, making a big impression on the mask design as a whole. In the front the Nashville logo rules with it's red eye! Cool contrasts!

The base in blue, just like the jersey. Check it out carefully, just like the jersey the base has a black and blue checkered pattern. Details, details and again details, just what goalkeepers love and David Gunnarsson delivers.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cute pussycat on Åkerlund's Timrå mask

Timrå IK
The most important for Magnus to have on his mask was his and his girlfriend's cat... Then he wanted the rest very much old school with a stonewall, and one side mostly in red and the other mostly in white. And of course the club logo...

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the creation from David Gunnarsson's studio in Sweden.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zatkoff's LA design both classic and modern

Los Angeles Kings
Jeff Zatkoff wanted a clean and stylish but still modern LA Kings design. The assignment was given to David Gunnarsson who tackled the task with big excitement, and came up with this design idea, that Jeff really liked.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out Zatkoff's mask design with a clear white base that makes the graphics pop.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Violent dragon in modern and old school look on Eriksson's Leksand mask

Leksands IF
Joacim Eriksson wanted a dragon design on his Leksand mask, but in a new way... David Gunnarsson brainstormed, and out came a design that is both modern and back to basic, in the same time!

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this creation with a fire-breathing dragon in Leksand colors.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DAVEART Holographix FX rules on Backlund's Flyers mask

Philadelphia Flyers
Johan Backlund wanted a basic and clean Flyers design, a design really breathing Philadelphia Flyers. David Gunnarsson fulfilled his wishes as he created a mask design both classic and modern, with a base of black and white for perfect contrasts.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this mask design, that of course features DAVEART's popular innovation DAVEART Holographix FX, with a custom made pattern of Flyers logos.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Totem pole on Idoff's Frölunda Indians mask

Frölunda Indians
Sebastian knew two things that he wanted on his new Frölunda mask, a totem pole and a handprint, like the Indians had on their horses.

Brilliant ideas David thought, and started to create this design with strong contrasts, metallic effects and great 3-D depth. Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the result...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boone transformed into a bird on Mannino's latest mask

Atlanta Thrashers
Peter Mannino wanted a white base on his new mask, and he wanted his mascot Boone, but then David Gunnarsson was free to play...

David presented an idea for Peter, that he liked. As usual when David's in action everything is created with a great passion for the detail work and 3-D effects, and of course DAVEART's own innovation DAVEART Holographix FX.

Go to MaskGallery to check out Peter Mannino's mascot Boone as a Thrasher! Perfect on an Atlanta Thrashers mask...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Check out Larsson's old school Detroit Red Wings design

Detroit Red Wings
Here we talk old school and back to basic. And with Detroit's classic logos it can't be anything but right. The whole design is painted with elegant and tasteful 3-D effect with metallic glitter. Less is more is the key word for this design.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out Daniel Larsson's latest mask design created by his mask artist David Gunnarsson.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Check out Enroth's new Buffalo Sabres mask

Buffalo Sabres
Today we proudly present Jhonas Enroth's continuation on last season's mask design. The stonewall Jhonas has had for many years on his masks painted by David Gunnarsson, and so also this time.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this symphony of colors and logos.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rämö becomes Jack on his new KHL mask

Avangard Omsk
Karri Rämö totally digs Jack Skellington, David has painted him on all of Karri's latest masks. But then it has been as a detail in the design, now it's Jack all over the mask, so that the mask transforms to the head of Jack, and Karri becomes Jack!

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out Rämö's latest creation from David Gunnarsson's studio.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

McKenna's mask design named after the motto of the state of New Jersey

New Jersey Devils
When Mike McKenna got to see David Gunnarsson's paintings he decided David was the one to paint for him. Why not check out Mike's previous design by David in the mask gallery.

Mike is a big fan of motorsports and he wants his mask designs in the same graphic spirit with distinct lines, contrasts and profiles. David's goal in his artistry is to be as versatile as possible and be able to paint any styles.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the design named after the motto of the state.