Monday, October 31, 2011

The Moose goes old school

New Jersey Devils

Today we have the pleasure to present Johan ”Moose” Hedberg's new Moose mask. Oh man, the years really go by... now it is 10 years ago I created the first Moose mask for Johan that gave him the nickname Moose... :) Maaany Moose masks have been created after that, in all kind of different styles...

This one Johan and I created in true old school style. Strong graphics with the Devils profile and logos, with strong connections to the uniform. Of course, as usual, lots and lots of details that you will see when you look close, for example a cool Devils logo pattern in sketchy style in the white base. But from a distance it's an old school design.

The Moose pops up on each side of the mask...once again dressed up in a Devils suit... watch out! That fork looks sharp...

Check out Johan Hedberg's New Jersey Devils mask in the mask gallery or on Facebook! Or in the DAVEART App from your smartphone...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

James Reimer's new mask in retro paint style

Toronto Maple Leafs

Today we have the great pleasure to present the Toronto Maple Leafs keeper James Reimer's new mask. It is so incredibly fun to create James' new mask designs. The story telling designs I created for him last year were big successes, my mailbox almost exploded of mails from James' fans. I love to create mask designs telling a story.

In this new design we tested a new style in the paintings, I created them in a retro style with old school oil paint tech, with a brush. I love to always paint with different styles and techniques.

The design is a kind of mix of James' last Toronto masks and his Team Canada mask I created for him for the World Championships. The layout with the leaf on each side creates an old school design just as the Team Canada mask. The theme is the same as on last year's Toronto mask, with paintings from James' childhood. This time painted using just an old school brush, that gives a cool retro feeling to the design.

On one side James as a kid playing hockey home at the pond, and when you look close you discover a new world of details, you see the forest in the background and the house were they are waiting for James and his friends to come inside. And on the other side once again Cherry and McLean with their hockey show painted with old school oil paint tech. James remembers how he watched it when he was a kid.

Around this theme I created an old school Toronto design, and lots and lots of details to discover when you come closer. I love to create designs that transforms into another design when you come closer and a new dimension appears in front of your eyes.

And just as last season Jesus is on the backplate, also painted with old school oil paint tech this time.

Check out James Reimer's Toronto Maple Leafs mask design in the mask gallery now! Or on Facebook or in the App.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Theodore's family as panthers on his Florida mask

Florida Panthers

Jose Theodore had such a cool idea for his new mask for his new team Florida Panthers. He wanted his own family on the mask, created as panthers...such a cool idea! I started to sketch the design at once... We came up with the idea to place the Theo family in a typical Florida environment, on the beach... :-) I love to always change style and paint new styles every day. This would be a very funny design.

So I painted the family just having a nice time on the beach. Theo himself as a big panther is lying on the beach with his cool sunglasses, drinking a cold soda, and with his daughter climbing on him. His goalie mask is of course by his side. And his wife on the other side of the mask, or beach.

Just as usual the design is created with lots and lots of details and 3-D effects, mixed with cool Florida Panthers graphics. Check out Jose Theodores Florida Panthers mask in the mask gallery on the site, in the DAVEART App or on DAVEART's Facebook page. We will present more Florida masks very soon!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fighter jets on Bobrovsky's new Flyers mask

Philadelphia Flyers

Today we have the great pleasure to present Sergei Bobrovsky's new Philadelphia Flyers mask. The entire mask is painted like an orange brickwall with stucco finish... The stucco is falling apart, and the orange bricks are shown, but it's still a brickwall. On the brickwall you find the Flyers logo, painted as a poster put on the wall. You also find graffiti painting, Bobrovsky's name is spray painted on the brickwall...

On the other side of the mask the action starts, and just as last season you find a Russian and a US fighter jet. They are flying side by side and burst through the orange brickwall. And just as usual extreme detail work, in the background you see buildings from both Kreml and from Sergei's hometown, and lots and lots of 3-D effects all over the mask, with both metallic glitter and DAVEART Holographix FX.

Check out Sergei Bobrovsky's Flyers mask in the mask gallery or on the DAVEART Facebook page! Or in the App...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Asian mysticism with the Three Storms glowing in the dark on Budaj's new mask

Montreal Canadiens

Today we have the pleasure to present Peter Budaj's new Montreal Canadiens mask. Peter had such a cool idea for this one... He wanted the Three Storms, the three Asian super wizards with the mega hats from the super movie Big Trouble in Little China... :-) He also wanted Asian mysticism all over the mask, mixed with an old school Habs design.

So exciting to create! One Storm is standing on each side of the mask shooting magic bolts. And all bolts in the design are glowing in the dark! Yes! And just as usual, when you come closer you enter a new dimension of details to discover. You find Chinese stone dragons with glowing eyes, and an Asian script rolled up on the chin of the mask in a cool 3-D way where you find Peter's player number. You also find a cool Chinese lion guardian in the front of the mask, and if you look close in the white lines of the mask you find small dragons and ying and yang.

You may wonder where the third Storm wizard is, well look at the backplate...

Go to the mask gallery to check out Peter Budaj's Montreal Canadiens mask, or our Facebook page or the DAVEART App. More Habs masks to present soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Music is the theme on Bishop's new mask

St Louis Blues

We're happy to welcome Ben Bishop as a DAVEART client. Ben wanted me to create a design that is a tribute to the club of St Louis Blues with it's so beautiful logos and colors. He also wanted to include the old Arena of St Louis.

The design is totally inspired by music and the waves of music, we wanted it to feel like music. So I created it with playfulness, and the design floats in music lines. The white area on the side are inspired both from the jersey and from a music book with its notes, and around yellow waving lines inspired by the jersey are playing, with even more music notes. The yellow lines are of course five on the mask, just as the lines in music.

Everything created with balance and 3D and extreme detail work, a design to discover both from a distance and up close. The old arena is created in a sketchy style in the white area, and if you look close in the blue tones you will find music notes play even in the blue metallic...

Check out Ben Bishop's St Louis Blues mask design in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Enroth continues with his old school design

Buffalo Sabres

Today we have the pleasure to present the Buffalo Sabres keeper Jhonas Enroth's new mask look. The design is a continuation of his previous designs that Jhonas and I have created and evolved from the time when he played in the Swedish Elitserien.

The mask is divided in the middle by a brick wall, and on each side there's old school graphics with Buffalo logos, created in cool and detailed 3-D style. One of the sides are inspired by the blue home jersey, and the other side by the alternate jersey.

As always the artwork is created with extreme detail work to discover when looking close.

Check out Jhonas Enroth's Buffalo Sabres mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook, or in the App!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celtic theme on Robin Lehner's new and very unique Ottawa mask

Ottawa Senators

I had so fun creating Robin Lehner's new Ottawa Senators mask. Robin and I talked a lot during the summer about design ideas and layouts. Robin had some pretty sweet ideas. He wanted something really new, something outside the box. A new style. Just what I love to do. I always want to move forward and create new styles and ideas and just play with my fantasy.

Robin had a vision of how to mix stones, with celtic themes, with Ottawa logos, and just make it look old... So I took all the elements and created a design that is a mix of it all, with a lot of silver and the Ottawa logos in a new way... The design is what I call 2 designs in 1. From a distance you have one look, and when you come closer a new world of cool details opens up and a second design is created in front of your eyes. All together a very unique look is created, with stones that are cracked and create cool lines.

Check out Robin Lehner's Ottawa Senators mask design in the mask gallery or on Facebook!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lehtonen's new mask look a tribute to Texas

Dallas Stars

Today we have the honor to present Kari Lehtonen's new Dallas Stars mask. It goes in the same style as his previous designs that I have created for him, with lots and lots of details in different styles, and everything connected to one theme.

The design is what I call a story teller design, and is a tribute to the state of Texas. On the side the Dallas Stars logo as a Texas map, and I created it as a real map, looking a bit old and used with some of the edges curved. Around that a very detailed theme of Texas, with a strong powerful longhorn bull in focus on the other side. You also find a belt buckle, cactus landscape, the Texas Star Ferris wheel, oil pumps and much more.

It was very exciting to create this design with a lot of white to give it an old school feeling. I used a lot of different painting techniques.

Check out Kari Lehtonen's Dallas Stars mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App!