Friday, June 29, 2012

Tellqvist´s new Dinamo mask in silver tones

Dinamo Riga

I have been painting for my friend Mikael Tellqvist for more than a decade. It is such a joy to create his masks from season to season.

Mikael´s new mask for Dinamo Riga is a continuation from his previous mask with the same team. Old school, clean and strong, and a lot of silver give the mask a unique look.

And just as usual you can go on an adventure journey to discover details all over the artwork. You also find a tribute to our friend Stefan Liv on the mask.

Mikael, love painting for you!

You´re welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery. Thank you for your interest.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Holt´s old school design

Dinamo Riga

Today we have the pleasure to present Chris Holt´s Dinamo Riga mask from last season.

I love to create real old school designs, mixed with modern effects. And the closer you come to the mask the more details you will discover, and the mask transforms into a new design in front of your eyes.

Among all the details you find famous landmarks from Riga, and so much more.

Welcome to check it out in the mask gallery, and thank you for your interest.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Andersson with striped attitude

Linköpings HC

It is in the middle of the summer, but very soon the Swedish Elitserien will start. :-) Today we have the honor to present Andreas Andersson´s new Linköping mask.

I have been working with Andreas Andersson for 13 years, and so also now with his new team Linköpings HC. Me and Andreas have created a special look for all his masks, so it was very special to create this new mask for his new team.

A strong graphic design, so packed with 3D effects, extreme details, metallic effects and DAVEART Holographic FX, just what I love doing.

Check out Andreas Andersson´s Linköping mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App. Thank you!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Svedberg´s gold winning mask

Brynäs IF

Today we have the pleasure to present the mask Niklas Svedberg used when his team Brynäs won the Swedish Championship this spring.

I had so fun creating this design, Niklas is just as me a very big fan of the Godfather movies.

Can you find the tiger, yes it is there... :-) It is a tribute to the fantastic fans of Brynäs.

Just as usual the design is packed with detail works to discover all over the mask, just what I love to do.

Check out the mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook and in the App! Thank you for your interest.

Friday, June 15, 2012

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A tribute to my friend Stefan Liv

Always #1

This design was both so easy to create and so difficult, in so many ways. Easy because it´s a tribute to my friend Stefan Liv, but obviously difficult at the same time.

When the young HV71 goalie Adam Schoultz told me he wanted a tribute design for his idol on his mask I loved the idea at once. I have created a couple of tribute masks of Stefan this winter, one of them is for Stefan´s family and HV71 and it is in their locker room. And many pro goalies have called me wanting to have tributes for Stefan on their coming masks.

Check out the mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook and in the App.

Stefan, you will always be in our hearts.

New mask designs to check out on the iMask website

iMask Studio HV71 mask

We have a uploaded a number of new iMask Team Designs on the iMask website for you to check out.

iMask is a new revolutionary technology to get your goalie mask designed by DAVEART. Just as David Gunnarsson's world-famous designs, each iMask design is created uniquely for each goalie. The designs are created in digital HD format in a virtual environment, and then molded onto the mask on a special microfilm.

iMask Team Design is a completely digitally created mask design that is based on the team's logo and personalized with name/number and matching graphics. Tell us your wishes about the look of the design and we will create a classic team mask that is completely unique for you and your team!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A tribute to grandfather

HMS Repulse

It was so exciting to create Bobby Anderson´s mask. Bobby wanted a mask that was a tribute to his grandfather, who was in the crew on the Canadian ship HMS Repulse during the Second World War.

I love telling a story on a mask, and this artwork has so many details and messages to discover, just what I love creating.

The team theme on one side, and on the other side the design opens up with an oceans view with HMS Repulse in the front. And the closer you come, the more details you will discover, and the design transforms in front of your eyes.

The falling leaves all over the mask is a tribute to his Canadian citizenship, and the clovers is a tribute to his Irish heritage.

Check out the mask in the mask gallery and in the DAVEART App! Thank you for your interest.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Juni- och sommarkampanj i airbrushbutiken!

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Sommaren är här, även om det är svårt att tro för tillfället... Då tar vi tillbaks en gammal klassiker och ger iväg en vattenpistol med alla airbrushpaket (så långt lagret räcker)... ;-)

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