Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A monster leaf on Gustavsson's Toronto mask

Toronto Maple Leafs
The theme was obvious on Jonas Gustavsson's new Toronto mask. Because of his nickname The Monster a monster had to be on the mask... David created a mix of a maple leaf and a monster, and the Monster Leaf was born!

Go to MaskGallery to check out this new airbrush creation, straight from David's studio into hockey's Mecca. Go Jonas!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stefan Liv's kids as keepers on the new mask

Stefan Liv, client at DAVEART for many years, wanted his two children on his new mask painting. Stefan went to David's studio to chat about the new design and this is the result... Full action on one side, amd old school and clean on the rest.

Go to MaskGallery to check out David's latest airbrush creation for Stefan Liv. And if you're a fan of HV you could also pimp your computer or Facebook with the mask...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

David created Leclaire's new Senators look

Ottawa Senators
Pascal had seen and heard about David Gunnarsson's widely spoken mask paintings for the NHL keepers and decided to let him create his new Ottawa look. Pascal wanted two cartoony soldiers, as the Ottawa Senators goalie he is, guarding the goal on each side of the mask.

David sketched and created two characters that Pascal really liked, so David started the painting work and airbrushed them on the mask. Around this David created a clean Ottawa design that delivers big time with the awesome DAVEART Holographics FX in metallic tints that forms an Ottawa logo pattern in the background! Only at DAVEART!

Go to MaskGallery and check it out!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Varlamov's new Washington design created by David

Washington Capitals
David Gunnarsson's mask designs for Jose Theodore in Washington Capitals last season attracted much attention. So Semyon Varlamov's masks were also sent to David's studio to take part of David's magic...

Semyon had a clear picture of how he wanted his design. Half the mask should have Russian theme, and the other half American theme. And Semyon knew exactly what elements he wanted on respective side.

Go to MaskGallery to check out David's creation with a detail work beyond the normal.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check out the new crazy Moose mask featuring Sponge Bob

Atlanta Thrashers
It's time to present lots of new NHL masks, KHL masks and Elitserien masks painted by the Swedish airbrush artist David Gunnarsson. And when we say lots of masks, we mean lots of masks! David has been painting like a maniac all summer long.

First out on the new website is a classic mask, all ours unbelieavably popular Moose mask. Check out Johan Hedberg's latest creation in MaskGallery!

Do you like it? Share it to your friends and the world using the Share function, and pimp your computer with the cool wallpaper!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to the new DAVEART website!

We now have the pleasure to present the new DAVEART website. Here it will be lots of action, starting from now! The new website continues on the success concept from before, but is more focused and easy-navigated, and is totally synced with the latest on Internet of today.

David Gunnarsson's airbrush paintings you check out in the new galleries. Now it's super easy to find the paintings you want to check out, just click the tags or use the freetext search available everywhere on the site. Use the Share function to spread the word about your favorite paintings, and why not pimp your own computer with a cool wallpaper featuring your favorite mask? The galleries are of course also available on Flickr. As we just said, synced with Internet of today...

Follow David Gunnarsson and his team on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, everything integrated on the website! Become a fan of DAVEART on Facebook to follow David's airbrushing behind the scenes, and follow David's Twitter, you can always see the latest tweet on the first page of the site.

On Youtube you will find movie clips with just about everything from paintings to airbrush tips and tricks, and speaking of airbrush tricks, don't miss David's new airbrush blog!

You can also easily access DAVEART's other services and websites from here, like DAVEART AirbrushShop and DAVEART School of Airbrush, with David as your guide in the world of airbrush. We are also very excited to reveal that our new service iMask Studio Mask Shop will open soon... is updated several times every week with new airbrush paintings by David, and on Facebook you can follow David behind the scenes on a daily basis!

So, welcome to the new! Hang on!