Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunny days in Florida...

Sunny Days in Florida...
Yes, that's how I named Caleb Rudnicki's new mask design. Caleb lives in Florida and plays with Florida Panthers' junior team, so he wanted a design with cool panthers in Florida... Beach, sun, surfers...the whole concept... He also wanted to honor his goalie coach with the number 35.

With all these ingredients I got started and had a great time. Check out the mask on the goalie panther on one of the sides!I love to paint much details, and I worked a lot with 3-D effects and metallic glitter.

Check out the mask in DAVEART MaskGallery and on our Facebook page.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wennman's award-winning photos of Obama becomes a mask design

Today we have the joy to present a very unique mask design that was very exciting to create. Magnus Wennman is a star photographer at Aftonbladet, the biggest newspaper in the Nordic countries. Magnus attended the presidential election in USA 2008 and took photos of the coming winner and American president Barack Obama. Magnus photos were later awarded, and these photos he wanted to perpetuate on his mask.

Magnus sent the photos to me, and I was really honored to get the assignment to create the design that was so important for him. To work with a number of selected photos in special style was very interesting and creative.

Check out the mask design in DAVEART MaskGallery and on the DAVEART Facebook page.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Check out the latest pic tour from DAVEART School Of Airbrush

DAVEART School Of Airbrush
Hello airbrush friends! Now we have updated the School site with pics from the latest course weekend March 27-28, when we had a Basic class on Saturday and a Step 1 on Sunday. It was much fun to paint with all! Since it was Easter time we had Easter theme all weekend...

The next scheduled course weekend is May 8-9, book your place soon to make sure you get a place. This will be the last courses before the summer, but of course we will be back after the summer.

Check out the pictures and check out the schedule for the upcoming courses and book on the DAVEART School Of Airbrush website.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Andersson's HV mask with clean look

On the night of the first final game in Sweden we present Andreas Andersson's HV71 mask. I have painted for him since the 90's, and it's always much fun!

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the clean design totally inspired by HV's team uniform.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sebastian's cruel DIF mask with smoking eyes...

Djurgårdens IF
The Swedish Championship finals between Djurården and HV71 are about to start, and this we celebrate with a presentation of a DIF mask today and a HV mask tomorrow... Today we rock loose with Sebastian Forsberg's latest DIF creation. I had a really fun time painting it, and just as usual, I have painted many mask for him through the years, Sebbe wanted an ugly bad guy on the top of the mask.

Check out the mask in DAVEART MaskGallery and on the smoking hot DAVEART Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tordjman's idols on his Phoenix mask

Phoenix Coyotes
Josh told me that he wanted his idols on the mask, the basketball players #9 and #21 in San Antonio, Mr Parker and Mr Duncan, together with the rap guy Lil Wayne... I got started and created an exciting layout with the basketball players on one side, close up motifs mixed with silhouettes to get a nice depth. All created in the dark red tints of the Phoenix Coyotes.

On the other side I created a motif with Lil Wayne in sepia look with a touch of PHX red, goes perfect with Phoenix's colors...

Check out the mask in DAVEART MaskGallery and on Facebook where you also can comment it.