Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reaper on Climie's new design

Phoenix Coyotes
It was much fun to create the Phoenix Coyotes keeper Matt Climie's new mask design, a design that is a direct continuation of his previous design that I got the honor to paint for him in Dallas. Here I again created a nasty skull and Grim Reaper breaking through on the top of the mask, with a cloak in Phoenix colors! The rest of the design is created with a huge amount of details and graphics making it breathe Coyotes to a 100%.

Check out the mask in the gallery here on the website or on our Facebook page, or why not in the brand new DAVEART App available for both iPhone and Android!

Monday, November 29, 2010

New airbrush workshops scheduled in School Of Airbrush

DAVEART School Of Airbrush
We have scheduled a number of new workshops in DAVEART School Of Airbrush. Welcome to a fantastic airbrush adventure, I look forward to paint with you!

The new dates:
Feb 26, Basic
Feb 27, Step 1
Mar 12-13, Step 2
Apr 16, Basic
Apr 17, Step 1

Book your place on the School Of Airbrush website.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The DAVEART App for iPhone and Android is here!

The DAVEART App logo on App Store
We are extremely proud to announce the DAVEART App. My fantastic team have put together this sweet App available for both iPhone and Android. With the App you can easily be the first to check out the latest mask art for the stars, read the blog, tweets and more... :-) Welcome to pimp your iPhone or droid now! More details on the App page.

Interview in Swedish radio

On Wednesday I had the pleasure to be interviewed in Swedish Radio, channel P4. We talked about the latest mask art for the pros and much more. You can listen to the show here (in Swedish).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Full page spread in Aftonbladet

On Wednesday Aftonbladet, the biggest newspaper in Scandinavia, had a sweet full page spread picture article with some of the latest pro masks designs I've created. Thank you for your interest in my paint. Read the article online (in Swedish).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Newspaper article about DAVEART School Of Airbrush

Newspaper Smålands-Tidningen visited the latest DAVEART School Of Airbrush, and it resulted in a big article. Focused students as you can see. The next course weekend is scheduled for the last weekend in January. Book your place at the School website.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Koskinen's new clean Islanders design

New York Islanders
Today we have the pleasure to present the New York Islanders keeper Mikko Koskinen's latest mask art. Mikko and I talked back and forth about ideas different design ideas for his new mask design. I got the idea how we could create stylish graphics with Islanders' cool logo, and graphic lines that transform into flying 3-D pennants creating a design in the design.

All together a design with strong contrasts with the color white as the magic link. Check it out in the mask gallery or on Facebook.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Special in DAVEART AirbrushShop

Christmas in DAVEART AirbrushShop
Now we start our Christmas Campaign with loads of great Christmas prices in DAVEART AirbrushShop. We lower the price on more than 120 of our most popular products!

What about 10% discount on all airbrushes and compressors?! And 5% discount on DAVEART's unique airbrush kits that already are about 10% cheaper than all the airbrush stuff together...

Go to DAVEART AirbrushShop to see all great prices and buy some Christmas Gifts...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Continuation of Varlamov's incredibly popular mask designs

Washington Capitals
Today we have the pleasure to present the Washington Capitals talent Semyon Varlamov's new mask design. It's always so exciting to create his mask designs, and his earlier designs that I have gotten the honor to create have become enormously popular. Both Semyon and I like designs with lots of thinking behind, where you tell a story. This new design goes in same spirit as his previous designs with lots of details and color fields that are tied together with the mighty colors of the Caps. The design is both innovative and old school in a great mix.

Check out Semyon Varlamov's new Washington Capitals mask, a mask devoted to Semyon's new hometown with all American motifs, in the mask gallery or on Facebook.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Fishman on Ellis Tampa mask

Tampa Bay Lightning
The NHL star Dan Ellis has great imagination and he always wants to tell a story on his masks. For me it's very creative to create his designs. For this mask Ellis wanted a really different Tampa design...he came up with the super cool idea to have a fish man, hunting in the ocean... A fantastic painting assignment!

I sketched a hybrid of a human and and a fish, a fish head with a human body, and a shark fin! He's a bounty hunter...! He has an awesome outfit with a harpoon driven by compressed hair on his back... Check out Dan Ellis' very unique Tampa Bay Lightning mask design in the gallery or on our Facebook page.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist's 85th anniversary mask

New York Rangers
Today we have the great honor to present the NHL super star Henrik Lundqvist's latest creation, a mask that was really exciting for me to create. In celebration of the 85th season the New York Rangers will use a special heritage jersey in selected games this season, and of course Lundqvist will wear a special mask for these occasions. Henrik and I talked and came up with a plan on how to create this design.

The mask is painted in total sync with the unique game jersey in blue, red and beige. Obviously the Statue of Liberty just as usual shows up on one side, as well as the for Henrik's masks so characteristic bolts. The rest of the mask is painted in total harmony with the jersey, with very much detail work and 3-D effects. DAVEART Holographix FX details make the design completely unique and worthy the King of Manhattan.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Violent skull mask for Brent

Dallas Stars
Brent Krahn likes different designs in raw style, and it's so fun to change style and goal when you create the different designs. Just like last season Brent wanted a nasty skull with a cobra in gray tints. This time I created a longhorn bull skull, and around it a attacking cobra. Around this a white base with a violent black effect that covers the whole mask giving an interesting effect. The yellowish flames converge with the golden tint, and everything together create a unique look, with a unique name, Stone Rocker!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wesslau's Columbus mask in retro style

Columbus Blue Jackets
Gustaf and I talked ideas back and fourth, and Gustaf wanted a design in same classic spirit as his latest mask in his former team Djurgården in Sweden. The design was really popular among the DIF fans. I presented this design and Gustaf really liked it. An old school design built on logos, and spiced with lots of modern 3-D effects and flashy smoke effects. Check out Gustaf Wesslau's Columbus Blue Jackets mask in the mask gallery or on Facebook!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Turco's red Gargoyle mask...

Chicago Blackhawks
Today we have the pleasure to present the latest creation for my client of many years, the NHL star Marty Turco. It's always crazy fun to paint Marty's creations with the gargoyles. These gargoyles I invented from imagination in a crazy mix of horror and cartoon, with much 3-D effects. Obviously in Indian style, and one of them with a nasty stick...

Much red tints in this design that is painted for Marty's and Chicago's red shirt, and everything tied together with strong contrasts and colors, and maxxed with 3-D effects. Check out Marty Turco's Chicago Blackhawks mask in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Poulin pays tribute to legends

New York Islanders
Kevin Poulin had the genius idea to pay tribute to the two legendary Islanders players Billy Smith and Mike Bossy, and around this create a classic old school design. I made a sketch for Kevin, and since he liked it was just to get started. One side of the mask is devoted to the two legends, painted in blue tints with orange glow it really breathes Islanders, just like the rest of the design that is tied together with graphic lines and logos. Check out Kevin Poulin's New York Islanders mask in the mask galllery and on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Enroth's new mask design evolved from his earlier

Buffalo Sabres
It's always a great pleasure to create Jhonas Enroth's designs. We have co-operated for many years now, ever since Jhonas' breakthrough in Sweden, and all the designs have followed a line that we have developed slightly through the years. Classic, graphic, clean and effective. The stone wall dividing the mask in two has become Jhonas' signum, and on the sides we have the team logos. All created with effectful bolts and extreme detail solutions, and with a nice 3-D touch and metallic glitter that make the design someting beyond the normal.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mason's Lincoln design in realistic look

Columbus Blue Jackets
The NHL star Steve Mason's second design of the season just as the first one features Abraham Lincoln, but here I created him in a realistic look, in cool contrast to the first design with Abraham Lincoln in cartoon look as a super hero... Here we have switched style like a chameleon and created a quietly powerful tribute to Lincoln.

On one side I created a layout in blue tints with Lincoln, with portrait and Mount Rushmore. I also weaved in the statue which I created with brush in old school oil paint tech. The rest of the design is a speed-filled design breathing Columbus to a 100%, with extreme detail work and 3-D effects.