Sunday, July 31, 2011

Engstrand becomes a Robo Turtle goalie with his new mask

Linköpings HC
I have painted for Christian Engstrand since he was a child, and we have always painted Turtles on the masks. Then you understand it's much fun to paint his masks. This new design for the upcoming Elitserie season design is created as a so called split design, with different design solutions on each side.

One side is torn apart using nice 3-D effects, revealing a Turtle head in robot style... With this mask on the head Christian becomes a robot Turtle! The other side is a nice layout with the Turtles guys, and big on black background a face of a Turtle. On the top the team name is written with Turtles letters. And as usual everything is created with lots of details and 3-D effects to discover.

And one extra spice on this mask is DAVEART Glow FX with the eyes, teeth and stars painted in luminous colors. It's always fun with details! DAVEART Glow FX is a technique I invented 12 years ago when I painted masks back home, and have developed during the years.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big badass Viking on Stefan Liv's new mask

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl
I have painted Stefan Liv's masks for more than 11 years now, and it's always much fun to tell a story with his masks. Stefan likes different and funny ideas, so we have changed style and design many many times. And it has been many newspaper stories about Stefan's masks through the years...

With Stefan now in Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, a city known for Vikings, and as a goalie coming from the Viking country Sweden, what could be better than a Viking theme?! Exactly... I created the design as a stylish red graphic design with distinct lines, on one side that is... On the other side there's action! The mask is chopped apart by a big fat ax in the hands of a huge monster Viking... You could say he shows who's the boss... It's always fun to create different characters, and this one got super muscles!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild ice bear rocks on Garnett’s new KHL mask

Traktor Chelyabinsk
I had so much fun when I painted this design... The entire mask is created of ice, with the cool team logo on one side... but hey what happens, the ice breaks and out comes a wild ice bear with old school mask and hockey stick, ready for some hockey action! No players dare to come close to that dude...!

Welcome to the mask gallery and our Facebook page to check the new KHL client Michael Garnett’s new mask for the upcoming season. A design with strong lines that is well seen from a long distance, while a new world of details appears if you check it out more close. Just what I find so inspiring to paint. And the colors of the ice theme fit perfect with the team colors.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Father and son playing hockey

HC Kosice
Always much fun to paint speedy designs with a portion of humor... Here father and son are playing hockey, but when the son raises his stick to take a big shot, the father (and goalie) doesn’t want to be in anymore and runs away! His old school custom mask flies it’s way...

The entire design is created with enormous detail work and much 3-D effects, just the way I like it. Check out Tomas Halasz’ HC Kosice mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in our App.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Design in rough style

Green Rocker
It’s always exciting to create paintings in different styles and I love to think outside the box. This mask design is created in a rough and tough style with violent pencil strokes, spiced with details and cool 3-D effects. All to get that nasty feeling in this design filled with attitude.

Check out the mask in the mask gallery and on Facebook, or in our App.