Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hetfield design


Martin wanted a true tribute mask to his biggest music idol, and that is what he got. It was so fun to create this old school design with a portrait in focus. It´s all created in a mix of techniques from airbrush to brush to spunge... :-) Martin wanted a red base through out the mask with a brickwall look, and loads of details to discover all over the surface. And that is just what I love to do. :)

Check out the mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App. Thank you for your interest.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Raphaelo is ready for business


Today we have the honor to present Sam Raphael´s University of Wisconsin mask. It is created as a classic old school design, with the beautiful school logos and also the Wisconsin State Capitol as well as other details.

But what is happening, well with such a cool name, of course the mask gets a visit from a special buddy... The mask is ripped into pieces and out through the mask comes Raphy with his special weapons.

It was so fun to create this design, pumped with details, details and details and 3D effects, just what I love to do.

Check out the mask in the mask gallery! Thank you for your interest.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

10% på Beauty i DAVEART AirbrushShop!

10% på Beauty i DAVEART AirbrushShop

Dags för ett nytt fett erbjudande i DAVEART AirbrushShop... Under resten av maj ger vi 10% rabatt på alla Beauty-produkter! Passa på att köpa färger, mallar etc för body art och nail art. Ange rabattkod BEAUTY för att få rabatten avdragen.

Vi har även fått in ett nytt rykande hett nummer av airbrushtidningen Airbrush Step By Step samt färgkitet Com-Art Real Deal Scenery Kit.

Gå till DAVEART AirbrushShop nu...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fasth´s AIK mask


Today we have the pleasure to present Viktor Fasth´s latest AIK mask, it is also the same mask he is using right now in the World Championships.

It is so fun to paint for Viktor, I have painted for Viktor since he was a young kid... Then it was very, very wild designs with monsters, now Viktor wants more classic old school designs. I love to create them for Viktor, designs with strong contrasts. This design breathes AIK. And as usual he also wants some of his favorite music artists created in a graphic way on the mask.

Check out the design in the mask gallery and in the App for iPhone, iPad and Android. Thank you for your interest.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cool dude on Hirn´s new mask

EHC Linz

Today we have the pleasure to present Lorenz Hirn´s new mask. I have been working with Lorenz´ masks for many years, and he always wants this cool dude on the masks.

The new mask is made of ice. But the ice is breaking into pieces and of course his friend comes out! I had so fun when I created this mask. Welcome to check it out in the mask gallery. Thank you.