Sunday, February 27, 2011

DAVEART Holographix FX gives sweet depth to Tyler’s mask

Dallas Stars
Tyler Beskorowany had a cool idea, he wanted the North Stars logo on his mask, and the rest with a Dallas Stars theme. I came up with this design proposal, that he really liked. One side with massive of gold color, and the other with massive of black tints, which gives cool contrasts when the mask is turned from side to side.

The club logos were created mega big on each side, and they give both an old school feeling as well as a modern touch touch to the whole with very much detail work and 3-D effects. DAVEART Holographix FX makes the design pop with all its contrasts and the greenish lightning effects bring cool action.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Contest! Win the Facebook movie

The Social Network
This weekend it's the Oscars, lets celebrate that! Together with my friends at Sony we present a cool movie contest! With, of course, the Facebook movie! Win one of the total five Facebook movies (Blu-ray).

Contest question: Who directed the movie? One of my favorites... :-)

E-mail the answer to before March 15 and you may be one of the happy winners!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

McKenna pays tribute to Devils legends

New Jersey Devils
The New Jersey Devils keeper Mike McKenna always has so cool ideas for his masks, and when he told me about his thoughts for this mask I understood it was going to be great fun to create it. Mike wanted to celebrate two goalies from the Devils organisation, Chico Resch and Lindsay Middlebrook. And he also wanted a racing inspired design in the bottom.

I got started and created a design in old school spirit where the Devils logo rules big on each side. And inside the logos I have created a design in the design, with old school oil paint tech I have created tribute paintings of the goalies. On the left side Chico with portrait and action picture, together with his number. On the other side an action motif with Middlebrook, and a picture of The China Wall, that was his nickname! I love to paint details like these!

The rest of the design is a graphic design that is very much racing inspired, just like McKenna's previous masks, check out the racing flag in the background. And as usual, lots of details spiced up with 3-D effects.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rick DiPietro's latest artwork

New York Islanders
It's always so exciting to create Rick DiPietro's mask designs with all details and messages, I really love it! It's also a great honor for me. This design is a continuation of the previous masks that I have created, and here we have worked more with a white bottom tone, with white parts in the camo pattern in Islanders colors.

The motifs on the sides with war theme are mixes of techniques with classic airbrush and old school oil paint tech. The entire design is a discovery in detail work. The whole creates a mask design that is a tribute to Rick's father who was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Check out Rick DiPietro's Islanders mask in the mask gallery and on Facebook where you also can comment on it. But the place where the masks can be seen first is the DAVEART App for iPhone and Android.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cruel dog on Justin Peters’ mask

Carolina Hurricanes
Justin Peters' hardcore dog design is a continuation on his previous design that I created for him. It’s much fun to create a design that uses the entire curved surface of the mask, and the mask and the design become one. It's also very exciting to switch between different styles, like here to create cool cartoon dog monster, and another other day create sedate oil paintings in old school style with hockey legends, or realistic portraits, and another day top modern graphic logo designs.

Here I have worked with strong contrasts that make the design extremely distinct and clear and really pop out. When Justin turns down the head and shows the grin of the dog...scary! As usual when I'm in action, lots of details and cool 3-D effects to explore. Check out Justin Peters' Carolina Hurricanes mask in the mask gallery or on Facebook, or in the DAVEART App.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bernier’s new powerful lion mask

Los Angeles Kings
It's always as exciting to create the LA Kings keeper Jonathan Bernier’s masks. On his previous masks we have always based the designs on a lion face on the top of the mask, and this design is no exception... The lion powerfully watches over the design in purple tints. Around I have created a graphic clean design with Kings graphics. One side more logoish, and the other side with motifs from LA city with Hollywood theme, palms and a star glistening sky, and more...

The design is inspired by LA's white uniform, and of course a roll of film is rolled up bringing a theme and great 3-D effects. And as usual when I'm in action, lots of details that lift the whole. The DAVEART Holographix FX in the background gives a nice depth.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Auld pays tribute to three legends with unique design

Montreal Canadiens
With great joy and pride we present the Montreal Canadiens keeper Alex Auld as new client. Alex had seen my paintings for a long time and got in touch with me to have me create his new mask look. Alex wanted, in a unique way, to pay tribute to three legendary Canadiens goalies that all have gotten their jerseys retired. We are talking about Plante, Dryden and Roy. With great excitement I started the work.

Alex had a unique idea, and based on that I suggested a design solution that Alex liked. We wanted to create a completely unique design, graphically clean and distinct, visible from a long distance, but also, when you check it out close lots of cool details. One side was created like Dryden’s classic mask and the other side as a classic Habs design with the logo. Then when you look close the mask enters a new dimension with its extreme detail work.

Check out Alex Auld's Montreal Canadiens mask in the mask gallery or on Facebook, and of course in our App!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holtby's new mask design

Washington Capitals
Today we have the great pleasure to present the Washington Capitals keeper Braden Holtby's latest mask. He was really happy with his previous mask design, so we continued in the same spirit on the new one, why change a winning concept... ;-) This design has a closer connection to the AHL team Hershey Bears, with maroon red base color and a bear instead of the eagle, but again the design has been created as it's made of ice and snow.

The growling bear breaks out of the ice in full action on one side. The maroon color in the bottom, the bright ice and the bear give perfect contrasts. As usual I have painted a maximum of 3-D effects and details, just what I really enjoy doing.

Check out the mask design in MaskGallery, on Facebook or in our DAVEART App!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DAVEART XXFX Glitter on Raycroft’s new design

Dallas Stars
It was great fun and interesting to create this design for Andrew Raycroft of the Dallas Stars, that is a further development of the previous mask design that I created for him. Andrew was so happy with it, so we made this new one in the same spirit of graphic profile, but now in white tones and a BIG portion of glittering effects, like a disco ball.

You find DAVEART XXFX Glitter in the Dallas star, in the Dallas text, and also in the number on the chin. I have also spiced it up with extreme detail work and airy 3-D effects. And the mask you find in the mask gallery, on Facebook and in the DAVEART App!