Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dragon skin...🐲

If you look really close... behind the ripped holes... you will see the skin of the dragon... He is trying to come out...😱🐲 Do not come too close, then you might taste some fire from the dragon...🔥🔥 Joacim Eriksson loves dragons, and we wanted to do something new... Every mask is always 100% unique...🎯 We brainstormed together and our ideas emerged into a design plan and I started to paint and create..👊🏻💥 Joacim and I have been working together for many years and I am already looking forward create your next Dragon piece🐉, thanks Jocke!😀
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Chicken tacos...🐔😱

Eddie Läck's latest Hurricanes mask design is a continuation of Eddie's latest tattoo... A tacos tattoo...🌮

Yep, Eddie loves tacos...😛🌮 And on his latest mask his buddy, a certain swedish chef, shows up, again, ready to help Eddie make chicken tacos...🌮🐔

That chicken on the top needs to run away before the chicken becomes dinner, the chef's axe looks pretty sharp...🍗

It is always exciting to create a story on the masks📚... Bon appetit!🍖🎨😀

Watch out! This dog seems very...hungry...😱

Watch out! This dog seems very...hungry... and aggressive...😱

Yep, Justin Peters latest Pete-Dawg mask is here... Ready to chew on stuff...🐶🍗

Justin and I have worked together for many years, and his masks always transforms into this dude, mr Pete-Dawg...☠🐶

It is a design that works both in all angels as on all distances... But do not go too close🔎 our recommendation...😬


😱😬👊🏻🍌🍌🍌  = Viktor Andren

The Knight...

Today we have the pleasure to present Phil Desrosiers new Dallas Stars mask. ⭐️

Phil knew what he wanted on his new mask.. Phil is a huge fan of The Dark Knight, and wanted to pay tribute to him.🌃

Together we started to brainstorm how to evolve and create his tribute design🎨. Our ideas of a dark and gritty design emerged into a plan, I started to paint and create in the Dallas Stars colors. Every design is always 100% unique.

I love to create stories on the masks 📚 and really go crazy with the airbrush and work a lot with the details.🔎

For sure the design is also loaded with all the DaveArt Trademark Super FX💎.

Thanks Phil! I love to be your mask crea

Halak's black mask

Jaroslav Halak's mask for New York Islanders third jersey is here.👊🏻🏒

It is a rough and raw and matte creation, inspired from the concrete right from the heart of New York.🌃❤️

The design live and breath classic hockey and New York Islanders, from a distance and in every detail. When you zoom it the mask enters a new dimension of detail work...🎆🔎

I love the challenge of always come up with new designs, creations never done before🎨. Every mask is a unique storybook📚. And of course the design is loaded with all the DaveArt Trademark Super FX💎.

Thank you Jaro! I love to be your personal mask creator and scientist🔬😊.

Thank you all!❤️

Talbot's tribute mask

Today we have the pleasure to present the third jersey mask for my friend Cam Talbot.🏒 

Cam had an awesome idea for his new mask, he wanted to pay tribute the the legends of the team. All the players who have their numbers retired.❤️ 

And when it is Cam... Of course the mask will be haunted by some ghosts..👻 

Cam and I brainstormed how to create the design and our ideas emerged into a plan...🚀🎨 

It is a design in a clean cut vintage style, all based on the awesome colors, uniform and logos of the team. On a distance it is a clear Oilers mask.👊🏻

When you come closer you will discover all the details and the mask becomes a storybook of Oilers heroes.📚 

When I created the legends I wanted to catch the old school and historical feeling, so I created them all with a sketch pen✏️and they are sketched in greyish tones.📝 

I love the challenge to always create new designs in new styles, every mask is totally unique, an artwork for just one goalie.🎨

And for sure you will find all the DaveArt Trademark Super FX💎 in the design.

Thanks Cam! I love to be your mask artist and scientist!🔬 Thank you all!❤️