Sunday, January 30, 2011

Check out Mason’s new Blue Jackets mask

Columbus Blue Jackets
It was so creative and fun to create this NHL mask design for the Columbus Blue Jackets keeper Steve Mason. The design is for the third jersey, and we worked with the alternate colors and logo with the cannon to create a graphic clean design with strong contrasts.

Old school touch with the logo on one side, and an American Civil War theme on the other side with everything from fighting scenes and a soldier with the American flag, to a graphically created oil painting of Abe Lincoln in old fashion style. All weaved together to a different design in Blue Jackets style. Extreme detail work and 3-D effects in one. Thinking outside the box.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Moose mask for Hedberg

New Jersey Devils
It’s always crazy much fun to create new Moose masks for Johan Hedberg. I made my first mask for Johan 13 years ago, and it has been maaaany more since then. This design is a kind of continuation of Johan's previous NJ Devils design that he was so satisfied with.

A strict and clean Devils design, with a cool Moose that a bit naughty shows up on one of the side in a Devils suit... :-) With "Moose" as Johan's nickname the Moose always has a natural place on the masks. I love to paint much details and fun 3-D effects that lift the whole. This design is brighter than the previous one, we have been much inspired by the Devils' white game uniform.

Check out Johan Hedberg's New Jersey Devils mask in the gallery and in our App for iPhone and Android. Or on our Facebook page where you also can comment on it...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Deslauriers hit by oil in the face

Edmonton Oilers
It was very exciting to create the action-filled oil splat design on Jeff Deslauriers' Edmonton Oilers mask. This is a classic Oilers idea with oil flowing on the mask, and here we have upgraded it with extreme 3-D effects, where Jeff looks to have been hit by oil in the face and the oil literally flows all over the mask. I love to paint much details, and the design pops out with its strong contrasts.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modig’s graphic Penguins design

Pittsburgh Penguins
It was very exciting to create this distinct and clear graphical Penguins design for Mattias Modig. The design is completely based on logos and has a strong connection to the team uniform, with strong contrasts and spiced up with a maximum of 3-D effects. The white wire pops out and becomes an element of its own in the design.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wyatt Earp theme on Lehtonen's new mask

Dallas Stars
I love western movies, and when Kari Lehtonen of the Dallas Stars told me he wanted a theme with Wyatt Earp and the movie Tombstone, well, then it couldn't be much more fun and exciting. I have seen the movie many times, and I came up with a couple of ideas that Kari liked. In the movie Wyatt says the quote that has given the mask its name, and just that scene is played before the games in American Airlines Center. So cool.

I created the painting in black, white and gold. I recreated Wyatt Earp, played by one of my favs Kurt Russell, on one side and his buddy Doc Holiday, played by Val Kilmer, on the other side. The holster on one side was a special wish from Kari, and it's an exact reproduction of Holiday's holster in the movie.

I composed an exciting layout with views and details, with Wyatt's other friends and Dallas Stars graphics in the above mentioned colors, making it melt together to a 100%, and the title for sure shows what it's all about... The color scheme is consistent on the whole mask, even the Texas flag on the chin follows it.

You find Kari Lehtonen's Dallas Stars mask in the mask gallery and on Facebook, and not to forget our App for iPhone and Android where you always find the masks first.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MacIntyres new Thrashers mask with wings

Atlanta Thrashers
Drew MacIntyre had a cool idea how to weave in a cool cartoony Thrasher bird flying and spreading its wings on the top of his new Trashers mask. Super cool idea I thought, and presented a draft for Drew to show how it could be done. And he liked it...

With the Thrashers bird on the top of the mask, Mr Potatoe shows up on one side of the mask. As always on Drew's masks... This time in very cool and customized baseball outfit, as the Atlanta dude he is... On the other side a logo with a personal connection for Drew, here recreated in Atlantas hot colors. All around I have weaved a Thrashers design in the right colors, and a scripture on the chin of the mask.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Backlund's Flyers mask

Philadelphia Flyers
Johan Backlund wanted to recreate the graphic Philly lines painted in the locker room on his mask. Together we made this design solution, where the lines are playing with 3-D effects on each side. The white base makes it a classic distinct design that is 100% Flyers. The Philadelphia Flyers logo on the top gives a powerful feeling to the whole.

Check out Johan Backlund's Philadelphia Flyers mask in our brand new App for iPhone and Android, on Facebook, or of course in the mask gallery here on the website.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lemay celebrates Belfour on his Dallas mask

Dallas Stars
Adrien Lemay had the brilliant idea to celebrate his idol, the goalie legend Ed Belfour, on his mask. I loved the idea and presented this design for Adrien that he liked. On one side I created a layout with Belfour in different guises, as portrait and "in action", weaved together with his classic eagle. All created with airbrush mixed with old school oil paint tech in sepia tones and gold.

The other side is dominated by the club logo, in which I also weaved in a watching eagle eye as a symbol for Belfour. The rest of the design I tied together with Dallas aesthetics, and the whole gives an old school design with lots of details.

Check out Adrien Lemay's Dallas Stars mask here in the mask gallery, Facebook or in our brand new App!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orca action on Weiman's mask

Vancouver Canucks
Tyler Weiman of the Vancouver Canucks wanted a design in same spirit as the previous one I did for him, with a cool surfing cartoon Yeti... I came up with this idea with a mix of Canucks and Moose. On the sides a Moose design with the big mighty logo, and in the middle a cool Orca in cartoon style breaking through the ice in full speed. These motifs are framed by an old school design breathing Vancouver Canucks. Tyler liked the design idea, so I finished it with extremely much details and 3-D effects.