Friday, October 30, 2009

A crazy Snowman surfs on avalanche on Weiman's new Colorado mask

Colorado Avalanche
A symphony of Colorado colors and full action in form of snow and avalanches, with a crazy avalanche surfing Snowman in focus... This was a really funny design to make!

When Tyler told David that he wanted a Snowman and lots of cool avalanches, then David's eyes glistened, he just loved the idea! David took the idea one step further and came up with the idea to make Snowman a surfer, surfing on a goalie stick on an avalanche... Tyler liked the idea, and David picked up his airbrush gun to realize it.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out David Gunnarsson's mask paintjob for Tyler.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Krahn's dirty Cobra look

Dallas Stars
Brent Krahn wanted a new look on his new mask, and he wanted it with a cruel skull and a cobra, since his nickname is King Cobra...! David Gunnarsson thought about how to create a new innovative look of such classic elements. With unique and innovative airbrush technique David created this rough and dirty look, with extreme contrasts that make the design really pop out.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this innovative design that delivers extreme contrasts. Share it on Facebook and Twitter, and why not pimp your desktop with it...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hadelöv's new Skellefteå mask with the sun in focus

Skellefteå AIK
Today we have the pleasure to present the Skellefteå AIK keeper Andreas Hadelöv's new airbrush creation from David Gunnarsson. The design is built with strong contrasts to make it maximum visible. And visible it is, the sun from Skellefteå's logo is shining in the middle of the mask.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this new shining mask paintjob.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ersberg's grandpa on his new graphic Los Angeles Kings mask

Los Angeles Kings
David Gunnarsson has been Erik Ersberg's mask artist for many years, and Erik always wants graphic clean designs with distinct lines. This year Erik wanted extra much silver in the design. David sketched a design that Erik liked, and David made himself for ready for some airbrush action to create the mask design. Erik wanted a portrait of his grandpa somewhere on the mask, and David chose to create the portrait in purple on the top of the mask on a glistening starry sky.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this new Los Angeles Kings design built upon distinct lines, 3-D details, metallic effects and cool DAVEART Holographix FX in harmony.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool penguins on Lindbäck's Timrå mask

Timrå IK
Anders Lindbäck had a really funny idea for his new Timrå mask. One day he and his buddy Stephen Dixon, forward in Brynäs, had made paintings to each other. So Anders wanted Stephen's painting on his mask...!

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the airbrush creation from David's studio.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Henrik Karlsson's Färjestad design in classic and modern spirit

Färjestads BK
Henrik Karlsson wanted a graphic design with distinct lines and color fields, that literally breathes Färjestads BK. David Gunnarsson took on the case and built the design upon Färjestad's beautiful logotype on one side, and a cool script logo with violent pinstripes on the other side. Everything created with the airbrush gun in cool graffiti inspired style. The finish result was a design in classic spirit but with modern feeling.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out David's latest airbrush creation for Henrik.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Check out Valiquette's new mask created by David Gunnarsson

New York Rangers
David Gunnarsson's previous airbrush painting for the New York Rangers keeper Steve Valiquette made big success and was enormously popular among hockey fans all over the world. The eyes of Spider-Man has become his sign in the NHL hockey.

Steve's new design goes in the same spirit with focus on Spider-Man in the middle, and with New York theme with extreme detail work everywhere around. Because of Steve's now more red pads he wanted more red in the design. How do you solve that? With a red stonewall, that is demolished when Spider-Man's breaks through it...

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this new mask design from David's creating. You can also find it on DAVEART's Facebook page where you follow David behind the scenes.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zajkowski becomes Joker between the posts

Modo Hockey
When Modo Hockey's Michal Zajkowski plays in goal he's transformed to the Joker...! Check out Michal's latest mask design from his mask painter of many years, David Gunnarsson.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the Joker's wide grin, or is it Michal's...?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New course dates in the popular DAVEART School Of Airbrush

DAVEART School Of Airbrush
DAVEART School Of Airbrush continues to attract airbrush freaks from all Scandinavia. The Airbrush Power Weekend, with Basic and Step 1 courses in one weekend, in November was quickly full-booked. Now have scheduled another Airbrush Power Weekend to January 30-31.

Go to DAVEART School Of Airbrush to read more and book to make sure you get a place. Welcome!

David created cruel Pred's for Ellis

Nashville Predators
Nashville Predators star keeper Dan Ellis had a clear vision of how he wanted his new design by his mask painter David Gunnarsson. David Gunnarsson did what he always does, formed himself like a chameleon after the client's wishes, and created exactly what Dan wanted.

Naturally Dan wanted his Pred cats that David created for him two years ago. He wanted them filled with rage and aggression to show his power when he's playing in goal!

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this aggressive airbrush creation. Pimp your desktop with it, or your Facebook page, or share it the way you like!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Norrena's mask design with graphic lions

Linköpings HC
David Gunnarsson has been creating mask paintings for the Finnish goalie phantom Fredrik Norrena for many years. Fredrik likes clear and distinct graphic designs that are clearly visible from far. David thought out a design and presented this idea for Fredrik, who gave thumbs up.

One side of the mask is devoted to Fredrik's Finnish origin, with the Finnish lion big and powerful all over the side, airbrush painted with strong contrasts with glittering metallic. The lion is curved up on the top which gives cool glittering effects to all metallic.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this clean and modern hockey mask design airbrushed with extreme detail work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Gargoyles from David's fantasy on Turco's new mask

Dallas Stars
David Gunnarsson's Gargoyles mask designs for the Dallas Stars star keeper Marty Turco have been enormously popular over the years.. David felt that he had new characters inside him that wanted out on Turco's new masks... So David sketched and used his ability to, like a chameleon, form and create any kind of painting; photo-realistic, logo graphics, old school, horror, cartoon, whatever!

In this case the theme got more nasty, David showed the more frightening Gargoyles for Marty who liked them. With the new raw and rough look the Gargoyles are crueler than ever. Check out David's latest paintjob for Marty Turco in DAVEART MaskGallery, if you dare...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nilsson's new Luleå mask with violent lines

Luleå HF
The young keeper Anders Nilsson makes big success in the Swedish Elitserien with his team Luleå HF. Today we have the pleasure to present his new mask design created by David Gunnarsson. Anders' mask is a graphic creation based on Luleå's club logos, old as new.

With his violent line drawing David creates a unique design with strong contrasts. Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out David's airbrush paintjob for Anders.

David and the master photographer Mattias guests in radio show

SR Sveriges Radio
In Friday's (October 2nd) live broadcast of the afternoon radio show Direkt with Håkan Eng on SR P4 Jönköping David Gunnarsson was guest together with the world-known photographer Mattias Klum and Katarina Holm. The theme for the programme was creating.

Listen to the programme (in Swedish) and hear why David watches cool movies from the 80's when he paints...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Check out Budaj's roadracing themed Colorado mask

Colorado Avalanche
Today we present one of the fastest mask designs out there, Peter Budaj's roadracing themed Colorado mask. Peter wanted a mask with roadracing theme, and Valentino Rossi in particular. David Gunnarsson presented an idea for the mask design, with exciting details as Rossi on the rear wheel...

Budaj liked it and David picked up his airbrush gun and started to create everything from photo-realistic motifs to logos in 3-D, and tied it all together to a unique whole. Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out David's latest paintjob for the NHL star and Avalanche keeper Peter Budaj.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Check out Wesslau's new Djurgården mask

Djurgårdens IF
Gustaf Wesslau's new mask design is a continuation on his previous mask painting, also created by David Gunnarsson.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out this classic and distinct hockey mask design airbrushed with a maximum portion of Djurgården spirit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Check out the continuation on Henrik Lundqvist's enormously popular mask design

New York Rangers
Today we have the big honor to present David Gunnarsson's enormously popular airbrush creation for the NHL star and King of Manhattan, Henrik Lundqvist. The design continues in the same spirit, but this season more in blue. And just as usual when David is in action, an extreme detail work with amazing 3-D effects.

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check it out, and why not put it on your desktop or Facebook page...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Frölunda's mighty Indian in focus on Holmqvist's new mask

Frölunda Indians
Frölunda's and Team Sweden's star keeper Johan Holmqvist wanted a clean and distinct Frölunda design breathing Göteborg to a 100%. David Gunnarsson listened and let the airbrush gun talk. Naturally in focus is Frölunda's so mighty Indian...

Go to DAVEART MaskGallery to check out the creation!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pekka Rinne's new Predators mask is torn apart

Nashville Predators
Today we have the pleasure to present the Finnish star keeper Pekka Rinne's new creation from David Gunnarsson's airbrush studio. David came up with an idea how to paint a clean but still modern Predators design, that is totally torn apart by a Predator...!

Check out the mask in DAVEART MaskGallery, and pimp your computer or facebook page with it, if you dare...