Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holtby's Caps mask with furious eagle in action

Washington Capitals
Another NHL mask to present! This time it's a design with a classic Caps theme featuring an eagle, and with lots of action! The eagle breaks out of Braden's icy mask with cool 3-D effects and lots of details. A design that delivers both in close-up and from a long distance.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Godfather on Svedberg's Brynäs mask

Brynäs IF
After Niklas Svedberg had signed with the Swedish elite league team Brynäs, we talked about how to create the mask design for his new team. Niklas wanted a classic and clear Brynäs design with the club's beautiful colors and the characteristic yellow-red lines, spiced up with a special dude, the Godfather. I painted him on one of the sides with old school oil paint tech, and on the chin the number is also strongly inspired by the same dude...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Markström's Florida mask teared apart by a panther...

Florida Panthers
Time to present the super talent Jacob Markström's new Florida Panthers mask! Since this is his first NHL mask, it was special for me to create it. The design is based on Florida's cool logos, placed asymmetric on the mask a cool effect is achieved when the mask is turned from side to side. Spiced up with a maximum of 3-D effects, and with bright tints and strong contrasts...

Go to the mask gallery or Facebook to check out Jacob Markström's Florida Panthers mask, that is being teared apart by, yeah exactly, a panther...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Broad Street Bullies on Leighton's new Flyers mask

Philadelphia Flyers
When the NHL star Mike Leighton told me what kind of design he wanted I thought it would be a dream design to create. A tribute design to the legendary Broad Street Bullies! Perfect for a Flyers mask!

A graphic classic layout, spiced up with extremely much detail work and portraits weaved in to the graphics in different colors. Dave Schultz is fighting, what else, and Bobby Clarke is showing his well-known toothless grin... And the mask is painted as it has gotten a real beating!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lundqvist with a king's crown on his new Rangers mask

New York Rangers
It's always a great pleasure to create the mask designs for the NHL star and king of Manhattan, Henrik Lundqvist. Together we have developed his designs through the years with strong contrasts and cool 3-D effects, and of course with lightning theme. His new design features his own cool king's crown logo on one side of the mask, while the Statue Of Liberty in Rangers alternate logo appears on the other.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Abe as a super hero on Mason's new mask

Columbus Blue Jackets
We welcome the NHL star Steve Mason as new client! It will be so much fun and inspiring to paint your masks Steve! For this design Steve told me that he wanted cool cartoon characters with connection to the Blue Jackets. A blue soldier is ready to fight on one side, and on the other I created President Abe, the leader of the Blue Boys. And I painted him as a super hero...with mega big muscles and ready for action, no one will dare to mess with him...!

And as usual, lots of details, effects and 3-D depth, just like it should be on a mask of a NHL star painted by DAVEART. Check out Steve Mason's Columbus Blue Jackets mask design in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page! Soon there will come more designs for mr Mason, in a completely different style...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chuck Norris rocks in TX

Dallas Stars
The Dallas Stars star keeper Kari Lehtonen always wants cool stuff on his masks, which makes them extra fun to paint. We discussed ideas back and forth, when Chuck Norris came up as a bolt from the blue! What could be better when you play for the Dallas Stars? And could it be more cool?!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Larsson's new HV71 mask

Daniel Larsson likes clean strong contrasts, so it was just to get started with blue and yellow colors in full action. Strong contrasts and a look inspired by the team uniform make this mask design.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moose has arrived to da Devils

New Jersey Devils
It's always so much fun to paint Johan Hedberg's Moose masks, highlights of the year! Now it's time for the first Devils Moose mask, and it's a clean old school New Jersey Devils design with the logo in focus and inspired by the team uniform, spiced up with 3-D effects and metallic. But then on one side Moose shows up...

Go to the mask gallery or Facebook to check out the latest Moose creation!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ridderwall's new Djurgården mask

Djurgårdens IF
Today we have the pleasure to present the DIF keeper Stefan Ridderwall's new mask design. Stefan Ridderwall's new mask design goes in the same spirit as his previous one. A very old school design, but with modern effects. And with Violent Pinstripes a tribute to one of his music idols is created.

Check it out in the mask gallery and on Facebook!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turco's new Blackhawks gargoylian look

Chicago Blackhawks
Time to present another NHL mask for the upcoming season... It's always a great honor to create Marty Turco's gargoyle designs and to develop them year after year, and when Marty told me about his move to the Blackhawks I immediately started to sketch new gargoyles. In Indian style, of course!

Go to the mask gallery to check out Marty Turco's Chicago Blackhawks mask. A design with frightening Indian gargoyles and Blackhawks graphics in fantastic symphony. And there are more to come...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lightning buddies on Ellis' new Tampa mask

Tampa Bay Lightning
It's always much fun to paint for Dan Ellis, which I have done for many years now, he has really fun ideas and great imagination. Immediately after he had signed for Tampa Bay he contacted me and we started to talk design ideas... Dan told me that he wanted Zeus and Thor on his new Lightning mask, and so he got!

Check out Dan Ellis' Tampa Bay Lightning mask in the mask gallery. And on Facebook of course, today we reached 3000 fans! Unbelieavable!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cash in old scool style on Lundström's Frölunda mask

Frölunda Indians
The design idea for Joakim Lundström's Frölunda Indians mask was to create a clear and distinct old school design with a modern touch with lots of cool details and 3-D effects. Joakim also wanted to pay tribute to his music idol mr Cash.

I created a design rich of contrasts with a direct connection to the team uniform. On each side of the mask I painted a hanging feather, just like on an Indian chief, and on the head graphics with lines inspired by feather warbonnets. On one side a theme with Cash was created, painted in old school oil paint style in gren tints.

Check out the mask in our mask gallery and on Facebook!