Friday, October 29, 2010

Orca and Moose on Läck's mixed mask

Vancouver Canucks
It's always exciting to mix two teams on the same mask, and Eddie Läck's Vancouver Canucks mask is a great example. Eddie and I talked and agreed on a cool solution where one side is devoted for Vancouver and the other for Manitoba Moose. Both sides are tied together to a whole, with lots of details and 3-D effects. Strong contrasts is the mantra for the design. Check out the design solution in the mask gallery or on Facebook!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rinne turns into a badass Pred monster in his new mask

Nashville Predators
Holy smokes, NHL star Pekka Rinne turns into a badass Pred monster in his new mask...! This summer I came up with the idea to create the whole mask as an old mask with a Predator monster behind it... Pekka loved the idea, and I created the idea with much detail work and 3-D effects. The mask looks to have been worn in many games and has got its share of beating, with cracks and plasters... A smoking hot design that frightens the opponents.

If you dare, you can check out Pekka Rinne's Nashville Predators mask in the mask gallery, or on Facebook where you also can comment on it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yeti practices dance on Budaj's new Colorado mask

Colorado Avalanche
I had really fun when I painted the NHL star Peter Budaj's new Colorado Avalanche mask. I used the cool foot logo that Colorado has, and created a pattern on the mask, just like dance steps all over the mask, mr Yeti practices dance... But well, he doesn't seem to be that successful, he looks a little bit scared as he shows up on the side... I love to paint much details, and mix it with humor, just like here.

And on the backplate Peter's alter ego shows up, check out who that is in the mask gallery!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gustavsson's new Monster mask is here

Toronto Maple Leafs
Jonas Gustavsson of the Toronto Maple Leafs, aka the Monster, continues with his monster leaf theme from his previous Toronto and Team Sweden masks, a mix of his nickname and a Toronto leaf... These successful designs are always great fun to paint! The awesome maxxed leafs are here even more powerful, and around this I have weaved a classic Toronto design. A design that breathes Toronto to a 100%.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Action is the theme on Mannino's new Atlanta design

Atlanta Thrashers
It was much fun to create Peter Mannino's speed-filled Atlanta Thrashers mask design. A cruel monster style Thrasher bird in action on one side sets the agenda for the design, and pumps out the power that Peter plays with! On the other side a graphic design in action with the Atlanta logo with cool 3-D effects. And of course Peter's own little mascot shows up, just like on his previous masks.

Check it out in the mask gallery and on Facebook!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lehner is Smokin´ Hot!

Ottawa Senators
Today we have the pleasure to present the new mask look of Ottawa Senators' rising star Robin Lehner. The design was named Smokin´ Hot to describe Robin as well as the design, it's literally smoking...!

Robin Lehner's Ottawa Senators mask is born out of Ottawa's logos, with a maximum of 3-D effects. The asymmetric look with different motifs on each side gives an exciting effect, where the graphic look is mixed with nice flying 3-D effects in form of the flag. Check out the mask in the mask gallery and on our facebook page.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Financial newspaper Dagens Industri wrote about entrepreneurs

Dagens Industri about entrepreneurs
Some weeks ago I had the privilege to be one of the entrepreneurs in the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri's article. Thank you, very cool pics...

Examiner's article about Anders Lindbäck's new Predators mask
Check out's extensive article about Anders Lindbäck's new Predators mask. Both Anders and I talk about the story behind the mask and how we created it.

And Jim, it is always a pleasure to talk with you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bernier with new powerful lion design

Los ANgeles Kings
It's always much fun to paint the NHL star Jonathan Bernier's mask creations with the watching lion in focus. His new design continues in the same spirit as the last one with the powerful lion in purple tints watching over the mask on the top. The sides features LA details and a contrast-rich lion from the alternate logo, and all together a powerful design in purple tints is created. The purple tints create a Hollywood theme, but Jonathan also wanted some beach feeling with a touch of Baywatch.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Powerful design pays tribute to Neuvirth's new and old hometowns

Washington Capitals
Washington Capitals' rising star Michal Neuvirth wanted to pay tribute to both his native hometown in the Czech Republic and his new hometown in USA on his mask. We bounced ideas back and forth and decided to devote his two hometowns one side each. His native hometown Usti Nad Labem has a famous castle called Hrad Strekov, a given motif on the mask. I painted it detailed on the side, together with a mountain landscape and the Czech flag flying around the chin of the mask.

The Washington side features an American eagle bringing power, and the Capitol and the Washington Monument. All weaved together almost like a postcard. Around the hometown motifs I painted a powerful design based on Washington's cool logo with the wings spreading over the mask, with 3-D effects and a clear link to the team uniform.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I painted with Philofix in TV

On Monday I had the pleasure to paint with Philofix in Bolibompa, check it out in SVT Play. Bolibompa is the no 1 TV show for children in Sweden.

Article about Svedberg's Godfather mask

Svedberg in Arbetarbladet
Check out the article in Arbetarbladet about the Brynäs goalie Niklas Svedberg and his Godfather mask, that I painted this summer.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camo in Islanders colors on DiPietro's new mask design

New York Islanders
It's always a great honor to create the NHL star Rick Dipietro's mask creations. Rick wants much details, and that's exactly what I love to paint. The design is a continuation of his previous success designs that I had the pleasure to create, and it's a tribute to his father who was helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war.

On the sides you see views of helicopters together with other details from the same theme, and in the bottom a camoflage theme created in the Islanders colors. Check out Rick DiPietro's New York Islanders mask yourself in the mask gallery and on Facebook!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lindbäck's clean Pred design is a combo

Nashville Predators
It's always a special feeling to create a keeper's first NHL mask, and so also this time. Nashville Predators' new goalie Anders Lindbäck's new design is a classically and cleanly created Predators design that also is combined with Milwaukee Admirals. The bright base color lifts the logos that are created with much details and nice 3-D effects.

Check it out in the mask gallery and on the DAVEART Facebook page!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bobrovsky enters NHL like a jet plane

Philadelphia Flyers
With great joy I created Sergei Bobrovsky's first NHL mask. The theme he wanted was powerful jet planes. On each side a jet plane rushes forward, on one side an American one with chosen Philly monuments down below, and on the other a Russian jet plane with Russian landmarks below.

Around all this I created a powerful Philly design with a maximum of action and effects in orange and black tints. Go check out Sergei Bobrovsky's Philadelphia Flyers mask design in the mask gallery or on Facebook. And stay ready, lots of new NHL masks will be presented onwards...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holmqvist's Frölunda mask in old school style

Frölunda Indians
Today we have the pleasure to present Frölunda's keeper Johan Holmqvist's new mask. A classically created design based completely on the club's logo, spiced up with 3-D effects and hot metallic details. Check it out in the mask gallery or on Facebook!

Interview in Sveriges Radio P3

Sveriges Radio
This morning they called me from Sveriges Radio P3 and the morning show Vaken. Listen to the interview (in Swedish).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Raycroft's new design old school and top modern

Dallas Stars
It was great fun to create the NHL star Andrew Raycroft's new Dallas Stars mask creation. A design that is both old school and top modern in the layout. The design is completely built on the logos of the Dallas Stars. Strong contrasts and uncontrollable detail work give a strongly graphical design spiced up with 3-D effects and smoke effects of the most modern cut.

Take a look at Andrew's mask design in our mask gallery or on Facebook!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeremy Smith's new mask a continuation of last year's success

Nashville Predators
Jeremy Smith's different mask design made big success last year and now we present the continuation. The mask features a pirate ship theme, created with old school oil paint tech like an old painting, and created inside the Admirals logo. A different and exciting design solution.

The rest of the design is stylish and clear with strong contrasts, yellow fire effects and Predators logos. Check out Jeremy Smith's Nashville Predators mask in the mask gallery and on our so popular Facebook page.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cruel skulls in a new way on Karlsson's new Calgary Flames mask

Calgary Flames
Henrik and I talked about his new mask design and came to the conclusion that we wanted to make something really violent, that would allude to flames, but also be something new. The result is a violent creation with the logo in focus and team graphics around, and with nasty flame effects that melt together with cruel skulls...