Monday, May 30, 2011

A mix of old school and top modern effects

San Antonio Rampage
It was very funny to create this mask design for Joe Fallon, a design in black and white, spiced up with silver. The design is a mix of old school, and top modern effects and design solutions.The whole of the mask is based on a number of patriotic images and symbols on the mask and the backplate that tie the theme together. A theme that is spiced up with a San Antonio profile. As always lots of detail work that together with playful effects and glittering metallic bring a fantastic 3-D depth.

Go to the mask gallery to check out Joe Fallon’s San Antonio Rampage mask! And you can also see it on Facebook and in the DAVEART App.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tribute design in free flowing style

Live free or die
I love to always discover and create new design styles, always think outside the box. Also I want to tell a story with my paintings. This design is a tribute to Steven Jones’ home New Hampshire. They have a slogan, that also is shown on the license plate, "Live free or die". The whole design is created in symphony with the slogan and the key word; freedom.

The design is created in a very free flowing layout and painted in soft style. It’s very much planned with lots and lots of details. It’s all here, the old train and train station, Mount Washington, eagles, light colors in blue and green, railroad, the famous Old man of the mountain, the famous license plate, and lots of more details.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joakim’s mask is transformed into a turtle

Leksands IF
Joakim wanted a turtle on his mask, and then I came up with the idea to transform the entire mask to a turtle and take advantage of the shape of the mask to enhance the effect of a turtle shell. I got to work and the idea worked perfectly.

The turtle is swimming in the water with the rest of the mask painted as the glittering depth of the sea, where you can spot sea animals like jellyfish, starfish and sharks. All painted with extreme detail work in metallic, that I just love to paint.

The chin of the mask features a team theme with Leksand’s beautiful shield and the player number in Leksand-blue turtle style. It was much fun to create this mask design!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Design with Sparrow

Pascal and I discussed a lot back and forth how to build up his design. Pascal wanted a Jack Sparrow theme all over the mask, in a different way. I came up with this different design solution, where Sparrow motifs are mixed with old classic hockey spirit with graphic lines. Spiced up with extreme detail work.

On one side Sparrow in focus morphed together with his skull details are always important. In the background you see Sparrow fight with Barbossa in the treasure chamber. The ship on the other side is painted with the so popular Old School Paint Tech, painted with pencil as an old oil painting to give an old feeling. Around this a skull design with Jack Sparrow’s own skull logo with the red bird that delivers nice contrasts.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney presents design contest with DAVEART

Disney Sneakers Contest
Is your dream to become a fashion designer? Now you've got your chance! Design your coolest sneakers and win a trip to London and I paint your design on a couple of sneakers! I am so looking forward to paint for the winners. The contest is a HUGE success, after only 48 hours we have received more than 7000 designs, it is record! Read more at the links below:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A big green monster on Mezin’s mask

Team Belarus
It was much fun to paint the mask for the Team Belarus star Andrei Mezin and transform the entire mask to green cartoony monster, with strong contrasts and a big classically gaping jaw... Either he’s ready for fight or he’s just very hungry...! As usual I love to paint much details, details that aren’t even visible on the photos. And all this together create cool 3-D effects giving depth.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

DAVEART - The Official Bauer Mask Artist

DAVEART - the official Bauer mask artist
I'm very proud to be The Official Bauer Mask Artist. It's so exciting and fun to create the designs, and to see them digitally mass produced and sold in stores all over the world. Check out the pic tour to see some of the artworks.