Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hit by a cartoony snowball...

Washington Capitals
It was much fun to create this action-filled Winter Classic mask for Semyon Varlamov of the Washington Capitals. Varlamov has been hit by a cartoony looking snowball, right in the face, the cartoony snow goes all over the mask with cool 3-D effects... A perfect Winter Classic theme, that also is perfectly visible from a long distance.

Around this I weaved a design with elements from the Winter Classic game jersey with lots of details and effects. Check it out in the mask gallery here on the site or on Facebook. But where you always find the masks first is in the App for iPhone and Android!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monster design for Gustavsson in silver tones

Toronto Maple Leafs
Jonas Gustavsson of the Toronto Maple Leafs, aka the Monster, continues with his monster leaf theme from his previous Toronto and Team Sweden masks, a mix of his nickname and a Toronto leaf... These successful designs are always great fun to paint!

I came up with the idea with the monster leaf last summer and Jonas digged the idea right away. Here we have created a more hardcore variant, with silver base and a more violent touch on the details. A design that breathes Toronto to a 100%.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Neuvirth's Winter Classic mask

Washington Capitals
It was very exciting to create Michal Neuvirth's Winter Classic 2011 mask. Michal and I discussed some different ideas, and out came a design that goes in the same spirit as his latest Caps mask. But here we have gone with a white base all over the mask resembling snow and ice, and on this base motifs appear in light blue snow tints. On the sides the ice is broken and the Winter Classic logo appears in a cool way behind the ice and snow.. A perfect theme for a Winter Classic mask.

The rest of the design is stylish with design elements from the Winter Classic game jersey. And just like on his previous mask we have made one American side, with the powerful American eagle and other details as the Capitol, and one Czech side with the castle from Michal's hometown in the Czech Republic and mountain motif.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lawson's different Islanders design

New York Islanders
Nathan Lawson had a quite clear picture of how he wanted his new Islanders mask. He wanted a tractor with an old barn behind, and his dog, and also a nice yacht cruising on the waves describing New York in summer time. A very different and fun painting assignment I thought before I got started to paint this mask that really breathes New York Islanders to a 100%, and in the same time is completely unique for Nathan.

Check out Nathan Lawson's New York Islanders mask in the mask gallery or on our popular Facebook page, now "liked" by more than 4000 people...! Or in the DAVEART App for iPhone and Android of course...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Al Capone inspired Turco's new mask

Chicago Blackhawks
It was really exciting to create Marty Turco's design for Chicago's third jersey. When I created Marty's first two Chicago masks with gargoyles as Indians, another perfect idea for a Chicago theme popped up...a maffia and Al Capone theme, of course still with the gargoyles... Marty loved the idea as much as I so I started to rock with the design.

I created one gargoyle on each side, with cigars and white hats, just like Capone... And of course also a big scar all over the face like Capone, or Scarface as he also is called... One of them is holding a tomy gun, and the other a bloody baseball bat... If you have seen the awesome film The Untouchables with Robert De Niro as Al Capone, you know what Capone could do with a baseball bat...

Marty and I both loves much details, in the background you find a Chicago skyline from the 30s...and Capone's car ready for a flying start...and the gun holes on the sides of the mask are natural on a mask like this...

Check out Marty Turco's ammunition smoking Chicago Blackhawks mask design in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page, or download the brand new DAVEART App for iPhone and Android, where you can check out the latest paintings and follow both the blog and Twitter and more...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bernier's mask for the alternate uniform

Los Angeles Kings
Jonathan Bernier wanted a mask custom designed to be used with the alternate jersey of the Los Angeles Kings. He told me that he wanted to pay tribute to the legendary LA keeper Rogie Vachon. I presented an idea for Jonathan, and since he liked it, it was just for me to get started...

On one side a layout with Vachon in action, with his unique mask and his signature in the background, all in purple tints with glistening metallic. The rest of the mask is created with a graphic look with elements from the uniform, spiced up with a roll of film spinning with cool 3-D effects, just like on Jonathan's previous masks that I have created for him.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Contest! Win Karate Kid movie

Karate Kid
Together with my friends at Sony I present a cool movie contest! One of my absolute favorite films is Karate Kid, wax on wax off...and now the remake with another favorite of mine, Jackie Chan, is released on DVD and Blu-ray! This we must celebrate with a contest here on DAVEART where you can win one of the total five Karate Kid DVD/Blu-ray discs.

Constest question: Who played Mr Miyagi in the original film?

E-mail the answer to before December 20 and you may be one of the happy winners!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reimer's design looks back at the childhood

Toronto Maple Leafs
It was very exciting to create Toronto Maple Leaf James Reimer's unique mask design. When James told me what he wanted I was very eager to start. The design is a celebration of his childhood.

On one side you see children playing hockey on a pond, and in the background you see a house with light in the windows, mother and father are waiting for the children to come in from the cold. I love to create paintings with much details that tell a story. This side I created like a motif in a children's book.

The other side is a tribute to James' favorite TV show Hockey Night. I painted Cherry and MacLean in blue tints in a layout on the side with glistening stars around. Around all this I put together a Maple Leafs design with the beautiful maple leaf and graphic lines that tie the whole together, creating a truly unique design.

Check out the mask in the mask gallery here on the site or on our Facebook page, or in the DAVEART App for iPhone and Android.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chemical disaster lab on Dex's new Pred mask

Nashville Predators
A lot of action in the laboratory on Mark Dekanich's new Nashville mask...! Dex is back on the mask of course, and he's gone crazy, he have mixed chemicals and created a badass liquid all over the mask, watch out, it looks dangerous... And scary electric bolts fly all over the mask making a mess. And in the middle of all this he's going to press on his remote too, take cover!

Dex always figures on Mark's masks, same nickname that they have. Everything created to a colorful piece dipped in maxxed 3-D effects.

Check out Mark Dekanich's Nasville Predators mask in the mask gallery, or on Facebook, or why not in our brand new DAVEART App available for both iPhone and Android.