Monday, November 18, 2013

Pavelec´s latest Jets lid transformed into a bomb attack

Winnipeg Jets

I am so proud to be your personal painter Ondrej, this design was very exciting to create for you I just love to always come up with new design solutions day in day out, every single is always unique.

I have been working as a pro painter now for 18 years, the time just flies by, it is my dream job. We present new paintings here at the site many times every week all year around. Thank you for your visit here.

Today we have the pleasure to present the latest #NHLmask for #Winnipeg #Jets keeper Ondrej Pavelec. We have been working together for many years.

This design is a direct continuation of his past Jets masks. On the last masks the chin of the masks was transformed into a fighter jet plane…. and here the chin is created into a badass bomb falling from jet planes in the sky!

The upper part of the mask is created into a Winnipeg Jets blue sky, and there you find the jets planes flying, dropping there bombs all over. And check out close on the bombs, they are Winnipeg Jets bombs for sure!

I love to create designs that works both on a distance, and when you come closer you will discover all the details and the design transforms in front of your eyes into a new design.

The design is also a tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force incorporated together with the Jets logo on the top.

As usual the #NHL mask is loaded with all the #DAVEARTtrademark effects

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Much more to come