Monday, January 20, 2014

I think we need to call someone…. ectoplasm and baseball on Talbot´s Stadium Series mask...

New York Rangers

O man I had so fun when I created this Stadium Series mask for New York Rangers keeper Cam Talbot.

Once again the ghosts of New York pops up on Cam´s #NHL masks, and since this is his mask for the Stadium Series of course the ghosts are playing baseball… :)

I think we need to call someone…

The ectoplasm is running and dripping all over the #NewYork #Rangers mask… hope they can play even if it´s a bit slimy… But is seems like the #Ghostbusters are nearby to save the day, because I can see the laser beams shooting here and there….

Just as usual the design is totally loaded with special effects and 3D effects and all kind of #DAVEART trademark effects… I just love to play with the #airbrush. And of course you find the thin pinstripes on the chin of the mask, as a tribute to the New York Yankees…

I love to be your painter Cam and create and paint your masks. Thanks so much!

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