Thursday, March 20, 2014

Viktor Fasth is sweating oil…

Edmonton Oilers

This is a design that breath and sweat Oilers to 100%. Behind the old school mask Viktor is transformed into a machine… and lucky us Viktor is sweating oil… just what a machine needs!

When painting masks it is one thing that is the most important: Fantasy… And I just love to come up with new ideas day in day out :)

Today we have the pleasure to create Viktor Fasth´s new mask creation for his Edmonton Oilers.

I had so fun when I painted and created this piece, me and Viktor always have a lot of fun when we brainstorm new ideas…

The design is totally loaded with details, every cogwheel is airbrush painted one by one :) And check out the old school mask…. It is a true Oilers mask for sure, the eye holes and also the top design of it has the shape of an Oilers drop :)

Thanks Viktor! I love to be your painter. We have been working for so many years. I remember when Viktor was a kid back in the 90s and he and his father came to me to my mom and dad´s house with his mask to be painted :)

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Thank you all, much more to come!

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