Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sabres legend on Neuvirth's new mask

Buffalo Sabres

It was so exciting to create and paint this piece for Michal. He had such an awesome idea for his new Buffalo mask. Michal wanted to have a tribute to the legendary Czech goalie and Buffalo Sabres goalie Dominik Hasek.

I brainstormed how the design could be created and presented a plan for Michal, he loved the ideas. The design is created in the current colors of Sabres, but with the classic Sabres logos from the Hasek era.

One side is a tribute to Hasek with portrait and action paintings. I painted it in black and white in a sketchy style white a lead pencil, because we wanted it to have an old school style to fit the theme.

On the other side the design is created with the latest logos, created on a Buffalo skin. And of course in the background you also find the castle from Michal's hometown in Czech, just as on all Michal's masks.

Me and Michal have been working together for many years and I am so proud to be your artist Michal!

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Thank you all!