Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Talbot is possessed by…. Slimer! Better call someone...👻

New York Rangers

Watch out… Cam Talbot is possessed by… Slimer! You better call someone…. 👻

Slimer is big, he is sliming and drooling, and he looks very hungry… even the Statue of Liberty up there looks afraid…🗽 Lucky us Cam Talbot is also known as the Goalbuster, so he can take care of the Slimer and get him rid off his face! 💪

And as the true ghost Slimer is, he also glows in the dark💡… It can also be very handy with a glowy ghost on the mask, if the power goes in the arena, just follow Cam.👍

The mask is not only loaded with G.L.O.W Tech FX💡, you will also find all the other DAVEART Trademark Super FX💎, such as Hologram FX 2.0, and more...

And please, close the fridge, Slimer looks very hungry…🍖🍕

Thanks Cam, love to be your mask artist and come up with all these crazy ideas with you...😬🎨

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Thank you all!