Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brad Paisley on Pasquale´s new mask

Winnipeg Jets

Today we have the pleasure to present Ed Pasquale´s new Winnipeg Jets mask. Ed had a very cool idea, he wanted to pay tribute his favorite music artist Brad Paisley. I immediately started to think and plan for the design. I love to create calm mask designs, it doesn´t need to be a lot of action to deliver. I am also just as Ed a big fan of Paisley, and I sketched a design that I felt was in the same style as Paisley´s music. I came up with the concept and Ed gave me green light to start.

One side I created as a tribute to Brad Paisley, old school airbrush paint mixed with artworks created in sketchy style give a nice calm balance to the design, spiced up with lots and lots of details to discover when you come closer.

The rest of the design is a clean team design with a lot of 3-D effects. On the chin area I painted the mountains from the IceCaps logo and created it as a landscape line with a sky above with glittering stars. Details I love to do.

Hope you enjoy it, you are welcome to check it out in the mask gallery. Thank you for your interest.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Auld turns into a centurion soldier in his new mask

Ottawa Senators

Today we have the pleasure to present Alex Auld´s new Ottawa Senators mask.

When I created Auld´s mask for Montreal Canadiens last season my mailbox almost exploded of mails from hockeyfans all over the world. Alex had seen my paint for a long time and wanted me to paint for him. It was so fun to create that artwork with old school oil paint tech.

When Auld signed with Ottawa this summer he contacted me the same day. I was very excited. Alex knew what kind of design he wanted and it sounded so cool. I created the layout and design plan in the middle of the hot summer.

The whole mask is painted as the centurion helmet in the Ottawa logo, and to make it more unique I came up with a bunch of ideas to spice it up. Glittering leafs, the cape of the soldier blowing in the wind, and when you come really close you will discover the reflections in the helmet from a statue of Caesar and the Coliseum, and also a centurion soldier. Details I love to create.

Hope you will enjoy it. Check it out in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App for iPhone, Android and iPad!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Rambo rubber duck is going to get squeezed...!

Anaheim Ducks

It's so much fun to paint for Dan Ellis, he wants designs with humour and lots and lots of details. When Dan moved to Anaheim I first made an orange Ducks mask to connect with the orange uniform, the Zombie-mask, and then a mask for the black uniform, the Pirate mask. Check them out on the site... And now the mask for the white uniform...

Let us present the Combat Marine Ducks mask! Dan Ellis wanted to pay tribute to the US army on this mask.

The Ducks are back again, this time as Combat Marines... and as you can see I had a lot of fun creating this design. Dan Ellis is a very skilled artist himself and draws a lot and showed me some sketches, and from there I continued. On one side a Duck is driving the humwee, with great speed, but watch out, there is that rubber duck again... and this time with a red Rambo bandana... Check out the rubber duck on the other masks... :-)

On the other side another Duck is dropped off from the helicopter and he is ready with his bazooka, and watch out, the power switch on the bazooka is turned to "On"...

On the chin Dan's name on a marksmen badge, and on the top fighter jets, just to mention some of the details... Check it out in the mask gallery or on Facebook!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crazy Christmas in DAVEART AirbrushShop!

DAVEART AirbrushShop

As Christmas is getting closer we launch a crazy Christmas campaign in DAVEART AirbrushShop, Scandinavia's biggest airbrush webshop. We give 10% discount on all airbrush kits, airbrushes and compressors until the 24th of December! That's crazy... :-)

Go there now!

Raycroft's new Dallas mask in retro style with extreme detail job

Dallas Stars

Andrew Raycroft's new Dallas Stars mask goes in the same style as his previous mask designs that I have created for him since he came to Dallas. This design I created a hot, hot day this summer.

I love to evolve new design solutions and balance with color effects. The mohawk lines that I have evolved through the years works perfect with the Dallas colors, and I spiced it up with 3-D effects and DAVEART Holographix FX and green ghost smoke.

The design is a so called 2 designs in 1, from a distance you see a classic retro design, and when you come closer you discover a new world of details.

Welcome to check it out in the mask gallery and on Facebook.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

DAVEART proudly presents iMask Studio

iMask Studio

We proudly present iMask Studio, a new revolutionary service and webshop from DAVEART.

iMask is a new revolutionary technology to get your goalie mask designed by DAVEART. Just as David Gunnarsson's world-famous designs, each iMask design is created uniquely for each goalie, with the same accuracy and detail. The designs are created in digital HD format in a virtual environment. Some designs are created entirely digitally from scratch while others are based on original airbrush paintings by David Gunnarsson transferred to digital format and adapted to the goalkeeper's wishes.

After the goalkeeper has seen the unique design on the computer screen, the design is molded onto the mask on a special microfilm, which is a real handicraft since no mask model is the same. A specially developed lamination seals the design and makes it impact-resistant and durable.

iMask Team Design

The new technology gives many advantages, especially extremely low prices and incredibly fast production. Price from 2895 SEK for a complete true professional design from DAVEART with a production time of about three weeks!

Other benefits of this revolutionary technology is that you can quickly and easily change the design on mask in the middle of the burning season. And with the extremely affordable price, you can design all of your masks, and just like the pros go with a special home and away mask.

The iMask Studio website is also a webshop with goalie masks and accessories from some of the world's premier goalie mask manufacturers.

The webshop is at the moment focused on Europe, but we will launch a North American shop soon. For the time being North American customers can order in the European webshop, just notice that the default prices include 25% VAT that North American customers don't need to pay. At checkout and login prices are automatically adjusted.

Welcome to visit the iMask Studio website!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Markström's new Florida mask torn up by a panther

Florida Panthers

Today we have the pleasure to present the Florida Panthers goalie Jacob Markström's new mask look. The design is a continuation from his last Florida mask that Jacob was so happy with. A clean and crisp design built on the Panthers logos and uniform, created with extreme detail work and 3-D effects. The logos on each side, and if you look close you will see that a panther has torn it up with his sharp claws... Cool details to discover when you come closer.

Welcome to the DAVEART MaskGallery to check it out!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holtby's mask transformed into a rollercoaster ride...

Washington Capitals

How about transforming a mask into a rollercoaster ride? Sounds like fun! Braden Holtby had an awesome idea to put a rollercoaster ride on his mask, cause in Hershey there is a sweet amusement park. So I came up with this design with a mix of Hershey and Caps theme... :-)

Since it's a Hershey mask it's a bear in the ride, and the ride is running with super speed all over the mask. Hey, thats a really cool bear, he thinks the ride is nothing, he's just sitting there whistling...

The bear is also, of course, a goalie bear... his facemask is flying off in the high speed ride. And not only that, maybe the bear looks kind, but look again... this goalie bear is a real badass bear... :-) He has a black eye, bruises and scars... He must have been in a number of fights... Don't mess with him...

Everything painted with lots and lots of details and 3-D effects, just us a usual. The ride I created as an old school ride made of wood...

Check out Braden Holtby's Caps mask in the mask gallery or in the App!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skulls and flames...

CAlgary Flames

It was so exciting to create Joni Ortio's new Calgary Flames mask look. I came up with this really scary design, and Joni gave me thumbs up and I started. I created the design as a so called 2 designs in 1. The mask as a whole is transformed into a scary skull, with the teeth on the lower part and badass stitches on the crashed skull on the top... a really dirty look, and on each side I created a bad skull giving action to the design...

A design that works both from a distance and up close with all the details. I love to paint details that make the designs more interesting.

Check out Joni Ortio's Calgary Flames design in the mask gallery and on Facebook. Or in the App!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dubnyk's new mask in a new style

Edmonton Oilers

We are very proud to welcome Edmonton Oilers' goalie Devan Dubnyk as a member of our team. He had seen my paintings and wanted my help for his new mask look. A dream project! I love to always create and come up with new design styles and ideas, never stand still, thats my thing... :-) We talked about different design ideas and Devan had an awesome idea how he wanted a razor sharp design with kind of flames inspired things, with a sweet Oilers feeling.

I came up with this hybrid of 3-D waving flames mixed with oil drops, and created in an old school style with extreme detail job. A design to discover both from a distance, and up close with a world of details. The metallic colors give nice effects and make it a design that feels like Edmonton to 100%. And as always very cool details on the backplate.

Check out Devan Bubnyk's Edmonton Oilers mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook, or in the App...

Friday, November 4, 2011

PredClassic is the name of Lindbäck's new Predators mask

Nashville Predators

Anders Lindbäck's new Nashville mask I named PredClassic, and that is really what it is. Really classic, crisp and clean. The design style continues in the same style as his previous Nashville masks, with the Predator logo vertical on the top, and around it a sharp old school design, in Nashville's new colors. Here you also find the new cool alternate logo, and the antenna from the Arena, just as before.

Everything created just as usual with extreme detail work and 3-D effects, just what I love to do, added with the incredibly popular DAVEART Holographic FX.

Check out Anders Lindbäck's Nashville Predators mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App!