Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist is ready

Frölunda Indians

Today we have the pleasure to present a very special creation… Henrik Lundqvist gave me a call a while ago, he wanted a new mask in case he would start playing for Frölunda during the lockout...

Together we brainstormed and this design was crystallized in front of our eyes. A totally unique combo of Frölunda Indians and New York Rangers. The Statute of Liberty just as usual on Henrik’s masks, this time created in Frölunda colors.

And above it all, the Frölunda Indian is watching with his powerful eyes. The indian on the top is a tribute to Henrik’s previous and incredibly popular and classic Frölunda mask we created together back in 2004 with the green base and the indian in gold.

And just as usual the design is loaded with bling bling and insane detail work to discover the closer you get. The lightning are a sure thing, me and Henrik have always included lighting in all his designs since 1997.

So proud to be your painter Henrik!

You’re all welcome to check out Henrik Lundqvist’s Frölunda Indians mask in our gallery, on our Facebook and in the App.

Thank you all.