Friday, June 13, 2014

Tellqvist´s new Djurgården mask is a tribute to the city of Stockholm


Today we have the pleasure to present Mikael Tellqvist´s new artwork for the coming SHL season when he is back in Djurgården.

It was truly special to create this piece for you Mikael. You and I started to work 15 years ago when you played in Djurgården in the beginning of your career. After that we have created many, many masks together and it is always so exciting :) Thanks Micke!

The new design is a tribute to the city of Stockholm. The closer you come the more details you will discover and the artwork transforms in front of your eyes. Among all the details you will find the Stockholm skyline, and of course Erik the Saint on the coat of arms of Stockholm.

I love to come up with new design solutions day in day out, and this piece was so exciting to create. Mix old school graphics with lots of wild effects.

And of course the design is loaded with all kind of DAVEART trademark effects… :)

You are welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page. You´ll also find a lot of behind the scene photos on our Instagram, and you´re welcome to follow us also on Twitter.

And thank you all for your visit here.