Saturday, December 27, 2014

Peters NHL Winter Classic 2015 mask transformed into a dawghouse...⛄️❄️🐶

Washington Capitals

It is with a great pleasure we present Justin Peters new Washington Capitals mask for the upcoming NHL Winter Classic 2015...❄️⛄️

As usual it is a Dawg 🐶 on Justin's masks... He always has a Dawg on his masks... But hey what is going on on this mask...? Well since it is the Winter Classic and it is so cold outdoor the Dawg wants to be indoor... So we transformed Justin's mask into a warm dawghouse... So the Dawg can sit indoor in the cozy heat in front of the open fire 🔥...

Check out the smoke 💭 coming from the chimney... He really have it warm and cozy in there in the dawghouse👍 ....You can also find the Dawg's breath in the cold air coming out from the opening in the front... And parts of his winter scarf, of course with a Caps design😃

For sure it is winter outside the dawghouse, check out the snow and ice, lucky Dawg to sit indoor and not outdoor in that cold...❄️⛄️

And we recommend not to touch the Dawg's bone... If you look close on the bone you will see his bitemarks...😬

Thanks Justin! I am so proud to be your artist, we have worked for many years and created many Dawg masks together, and we have already new Dawg stuff in the pipeline!🎨

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Thank you all...⛄️