Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pingu is here again…

Frölunda Indians
Johan Gustafsson and I have been working together for many years, since he was a teenager. And Pingu always pop up on his masks. It was Johan´s favorite cartoon when he grew up, and same for me :)🐧
And when Johan moves to Frölunda of course Pingu comes along, and of course shows up as an Indian. Pingu looks up a bit scared, he is afraid of all the shooting pucks…🐧😬
Around it I created an old school design which breath Frölunda Indians to 100%. The indian Chief on the top in focus was a sure thing for Johan.👊🏻
Thanks Johan, I am so happy and proud to be your artist and paint for you in your hockey career :)😎
And just as usual the designs are loaded with details, among the a road sign, yep, you always find it on Johan´s masks…🚦
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Thank you all for your interest.❤️