Thursday, August 27, 2015

Starkbaum´s new mask is transformed into a viking ship…💥

Brynäs IF

Watch out! The vikings are getting ready to attack!👊🏻😱

Bernhard was sure what he wanted on his new mask… since he plays in Sweden🇸🇪, he wanted badass vikings on his new masks…🔪 and he wanted the mask loaded with lots of action! I brainstormed and said to Bernhard what about if we transform the mask into a Viking Ship! And it is coming in from the ocean and they are ready to attack…?💦 -Go for it! Said Bernhard.👍🏻

The water from the ocean splashed💦 all over the viking ship and I started to paint🎨. It is so fun to use the masks shape to create the designs. These vikings seems like they already have been in a couple of fights..👊🏻

The closer you come the more details you will discover🔎, and I love to load the designs with details all over the design and transform the masks into Storyteller masks…📚!

Thanks Starki! I love to be your personal mask artist!😎

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Thank you all, much more to come!❤️