Saturday, April 13, 2013

Be transformed into a slimer monster with iMask

iMask Monster Design Slimer Red

Watch out, Mr Slimer is here, more slimy than ever he is ready to slime down your mask completely… If you get hit you will be transformed into a monster...

I created the first Monster Slimer design as a teenager, and with a maximum of 3-D effects it was a big success. Since then I’ve created the design in many different variants on masks all over the world, but always completely unique, as always... :-)

Now you can get your own mask designed just like the pros, with this unique airbrush slime monster! The design is created with airbrush, and reproduced using the iMask technique.

Check out more at and get your own completely unique iMask Monster Design with your name or number on for only 2995 SEK, and with a delivery time of just about 1 month. You won’t find a lower price or faster delivery to look like a pro.