Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Niemi's new mask is a tribute to the Finnish people

San Jose Sharks

Today we have the pleasure to present the new mask for San Jose Sharks keeper Antti Niemi.

This mask was something truly special to create, I will remember it all my life. It is a tribute to the Finnish people and the legendary heroes of the Finnish Winter War from year 1939 to 1940.

The Finnish people showed what they were made of through this in so many ways cold winter. The little land fought like true patriots against the invaders.

I was so honored when Antti wanted me to create this design for him. I´ve read so much about the Finnish Winter War since I was a kid, I´ve always been so fascinated by the Finnish people´s courage.

When I made research for this design a plan was crystallized how this design could be created. I wanted it to be powerful and worthy. I love to create these so called Storyteller designs.

The design is fully loaded with details and you can follow the story all over the mask. The upper part of the mask is created as a map of Finland, and the lower parts opens up and the Sharks theme comes out.

You find it all here. The amazing Finnish soldiers on one side skiing in their white winter uniforms. The Finnish chief commander Gustaf Mannerheim that later became the Finnish President is also a part of the design, just as the famous statue of him.

You also find the map of Finland, the Finnish lion, and also the Winter War Campaign Medal of 1939-1940 that was awarded to Finnish soldiers for fighting the invading Soviet Russian armies.

Thanks Antti, it was so special for me to create this design for you.

You are welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery, in the App or on our Facebook page.

Thank you all for your interest in my paintings.