Sunday, August 25, 2013

Is it a fart on Linus´ Modo mask?

Modo Hockey

Today we have the pleasure to present the young Modo talent Linus Ullmark´s new SHL mask.

With the same name as the cartoon "Linus på linjen", it was sure what he wanted on his new Modo mask… :) The original title of the italian cartoon is La Linea.

The graphic design is created in total sync with the Modo jersey, and it is pumped with details, and you will find the cartoon Linus all over the mask. One of the cartoons is a goalie of course... And can you find the one looking like he is farting…?

You will find it all here, DAVEART Holographix, 3D PaintTech, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke and more… I just love to go crazy in the details.

You are welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page.

Thank you all for your interest.