Friday, August 16, 2013

Sandberg´s new Örebro mask transformed into a castle..

Örebro Hockey

Today we have the pleasure to present Tim Sandberg´s new Örebro mask, the new Swedish SHL team. It was truly special to create this the very first SHL mask for Örebro Hockey and Tim.

This mask is a 100% Örebro mask, there we have transformed the whole mask into a castle with all the details created with castle theme, or more precise Örebro Castle, the famous castle from the town. If you look close on the mask you will see the castle brickwall, and if you look even closer you will also find the Örebro Castle.

Tim and me have been working together many times, and just as on his previous masks there is always a tribute to Finland, here you will find the Finnish lion, and so much other details in this old school design.

You are welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page.

Thank you all for your interest.