Monday, December 23, 2013

Mazanec´s Predators mask is built by blocks… a true Blockbuster :)

Nashville Predators

Marek Mazanec´s new Nashville Predators mask is built by blocks…. It is a true Blockbuster :)

The blocks all over the mask creates together a unique Nashville Predators design, and not only that, it is also totally ripped into pieces by the badass claws of a Predator… I love action in the paint :)

The #NHL design is joyride of extreme detail work and 3D paint effects, created into a #Nashville #Predators design that works in 360 degrees. Just love to think outside the box and discover new paint styles every day with my airbrush. I am so thankful so many goalies all over the world wants my paint :)

Just as usual it is loaded with all kinds of #DAVEART trademark effects.

Marek, it is such a joy to be your personal artist! Thank you so much.

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