Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bobrovsky´s Olympic mask is built brick by brick


I am very happy to present the #Olympic mask for the Russian Vezina keeper Sergei Bobrovsky.

Me and Sergei #Bobrovsky have worked together for many years and it is always so exciting to create and evolve his mask art from mask to mask. Love to be your personal artist Sergei!

The design is as usual when it comes to Sergei´s masks built brick by brick, creating a strong brickwall. A perfect theme for a goalie. The brickwall is created in the Russian colors as a tribute to mother Russia.

The #Sochi design is also totally inspired by the Russian jersey with the golden graphic stars giving balance to the design.

Of course the double headed eagle crest is a major part of the design, as well as the Russian flag waving in the wind.

The golden cage connects the design with the lines and stars. This is just one of the details that creates the mask. I just love to work with extreme detail work all over the mask. And the closer you come to the mask, the more you will discover and the mask enters a new dimension. It is just loaded of #DAVEART trademark effects.

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Thank you all for your interest!