Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Läck´s Canucks mask for the NHL Heritage Classic pays tribute to legendary Swedish Canucks players

Vancouver Canucks

I am very happy to present Eddie Läck´s Vancouver Canucks mask for the NHL Heritage Classic game.

It was very special for me to create this unique #NHL piece. The design is created with the awesome Vancouver Millionaires logo and to match the Millionaires jersey.

Eddie contacted me and he knew exactly what he wanted on his #Vancouver #Millionaires mask. He wanted it to be a tribute to legendary Swedish players of the Vancouver #Canucks. Of course it is so many players so Eddie himself picked 4 players he wanted on the mask.

We brainstormed ideas, and a design plan crystallized in front of our eyes. I love to paint different designs every day, to be as versatile as possible and paint in different styles every day.

The whole mask is created in a rustic and vintage look to fit the theme. I worked a lot with the layout so it is a design that works in all angles and both on a distance as up close. The design is loaded with details and #DAVEART trademark effects.

When you come really close you discover the artworks with the four Swedish players. You will find Markus Näslund, Thomas Gradin, Mattias Öhlund and Johan ”Moose" Hedberg :) To paint Moose on the mask was special to me, I painted his Moose mask into the design, the very same Moose Canucks mask I created a decade ago…:)

Thanks Eddie, love to be your painter and evolve and create and paint your masks!

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Thank you all for you interest.