Sunday, November 8, 2015

Domingue's new Coyotes mask is two designs in one🌵🐍

Louis Domingue's new Arizona Coyotes mask is created as a two designs in one. 🌵🐍 

On a distance it is a clean Coyotes mask in a classic hockey style. A design which live and breath Arizona Coyotes.🦂 

Then when you come closer you will discover the second face of the design. It is all created in a vintage style wih lots and lots of 3D FX✨.

Louis and I came up with the design during summer. It was so fun to create it, it is so exciting to always come up with and paint new designs🎨. 

Thanks Louis! I love to be your mask creator!😊

Thank you all for your interest in my paintings.❤️🤓