Friday, November 13, 2015

Markström´s new Canucks design is built on the force of nature...🐳💪🏻

Force Of Nature, that is the name of Jacob Markström´s new Vancouver Canucks design. And that is exactly what the design is, it is inspired from the insane power of the Orcas, crashing out from the water.💦

The key to this design is the silver color which it is built on🗝. Every detail in this design is created in silver, and the design emerges into the silver base, giving cool effects in live TV📺. And it is loaded with Metallic FX by DaveArt and so much glitter it can handle💫… 

It is a design that live and breath Vancouver Canucks, and when you come really close you will also discover the DaveArt Hologram FX 2.0✨…

I love the challenge of creating masks into a storybook📕.

Thanks Jacob! I love to be your personal mask scientist and creator🔬.

Thank you all for your interest.❤️