Friday, December 30, 2011

Bobrovsky´s Winter Classic mask a tribute to the town of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Flyers - Winter Classic

Today we have the honor to present the Philadelphia Flyers goalie Sergei Bobrovsky´s Winter Classic mask. It was so fun to create this design. Sergei wanted his design to be a tribute to the fantastic town of Philadelphia. I loved the idea.

The design is created as a classic and worthy retro design, with the Flyers wings spreading out on each side, and everything connected with Flyers´ beautiful Winter Classic jersey. And when you come closer you discover a new world of extreme detailed paintings from the town of Philadelphia and a new design is created in front of your eyes.

I painted the motifs in a sketchy documentary style to give a retro feeling to the theme. You find the Liberty Bell and a painting of the Philadelphia skyline with the bridge to Philadelphia, and also a painting of downtown Philadelphia, and the Independence Hall, and of course the Declaration of Independence, and when you look close at the document you will see the famous date.

In the snowfall all over the mask with old school snow stars in different shapes, you will also see some different snow stars as well, some with the shape of Flyers logos and some as small Russian Babuschka dolls, as a little salute to Bobrovsky´s homeland.

Welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page, or in the DAVEART App. The App is for iPhone, iPad and Android, and is free to download from the App Store and Market.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Johnson´s new Rangers mask

New York Rangers

I´m very happy to welcome Chad Johnson of the New York Rangers to our team and to present my first artwork for him. Chad knew exactly what he wanted and it was so fun to create it. It´s a clean design in retro style with clear colors, a tribute to the beautiful logos of New York Rangers and a tribute to the city of New York.

The themes are carefully mixed together to a retro styled design with the logos and the skyline of New York with a glittering sky. From a distance the design is clear and crisp, and when you come closer you enter a new dimension of detail work all over the mask, with lots and lots of metallic glitter creating a depth in the design together with the DAVEART Holographix FX.

Welcome to check out Chad Johnson´s Rangers mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the DAVEART App.

Monday, December 26, 2011

DiPietro´s new mask a tribute to his father and USA

New York Islanders

It is so incredibly exciting to create the mask artworks for my friend, the New York Islanders keeper Rick DiPietro. Once again the theme of the mask is military to honor his father who was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war.

And once again we wanted to do something totally new, think outside the box, but with the same theme. This design concept I came up with and sketched when I sat at Heathrow airport waiting for my plane.

The design is a so called 2 designs in 1, and also a storyteller-design. The design is built on two lines, the orange and blue lines inspired from the white Islanders jersey. I painted them winding around the mask, almost like a flag flying in the wind, it gives a very cool design when you look at the mask from a distance. And I added white stars in the blue to give a feeling of the US flag. Then, when you come closer you will discover all the details and a new design is created in front of your eyes.

On one side the helicopter again is in focus, this time I painted it in a sketchy documentary style. I love to paint in new styles, never stand still. Rick also wanted his dog in the design, I painted the dog as a soldier on the other side.

Then all over the mask I created a detailed map of artworks as a tribute to USA. I love to do a lot of research for every mask. It is all painted in that sketchy style. I love to create lots and lots of details, here on this mask you will find famous statues, soldiers, action shots, even parts of the Memorial Wall and much much more. On the chin is Rick´s own logo I created for him a couple of years ago.

I remember when I made the first mask for Rick some years ago. I wanted to do the design in a totally new way, something never done before. Rick was so happy when he got it. When we presented it my mailbox almost exploded of all the mails I got, I was so happy. And it has been the same after every new design I have made for Rick.

Welcome to check out Rick DiPietro´s New York Islanders mask design in the mask gallery and on Facebook. And in the App for iPhone, iPad and Android of course...

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Jack Campbell turns into Captain America

Team USA

I am very honored to be Team USA´s goalie Jack Campbell´s official painter. Today we have the pleasure to present his Team USA mask. I was so happy when Jack wanted me to do his Team USA mask for the Junior World Championship, such an honor.

We talked about different cool ideas, and what could be more cool for a Team USA mask than to have Captain America on it? Oh man, it was so fun to paint it. I mixed the design with paintings from both the movie and the comic, it´s a tribute to both the older Captain America fans that read the comic and younger fans that are more familiar with the movie.

It was also extra special for me to paint this mask because Stan Lee is one of my biggest idols, when I got his autograph I was totally blown away. This mask is also a tribute to him.

In focus of the mask in the middle is the letter A, when Jack puts the mask on he turns into Captain America and Team USA is actually having Captain America in the net.

Just as usual I love to spend time creating lots of details to be discovered all over the mask. It was so fun to paint it. Thanks Jack for being your painter and friend.

You´re all welcome to check out Jack Campbell's Team USA mask in the mask gallery or in the App, or on Facebook. Thanks for your interest.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Contest - Design Pekka Rinne´s mask!

Contest - Design Pekka Rinne's mask

Don't miss the amazing mask design contest on Nashville's website where you can design Pekka Rinne´s mask, and keep it after he has worn it in a Predators game! I´m looking forward to see your cool drawings for Pekka, can´t wait to paint the winner! Read more on the Predators website.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lundqvist´s Winter Classic mask takes us back in time

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers star keeper Henrik Lundqvist´s Winter Classic mask is here. It is a time machine that takes us on a journey back in time. This is mask art in a vintage style in a totally new way, the Lundqvist way.

Henrik had a vision how to make a mask that looks really old...and not just old, it should also look as it has been used, not only used but heavily used for many, many years... A mask that looks so old, that it seems to have been laying at an attic for many, many decades... It is dusty, it is sun bleached, there is even rust around the screws... Heavily used...with lots of scratches and chippings...and puck marks...and marks from the crossbar... This mask has its own history from all the games it has experienced... It was so much fun to create this design.

The feeling over the mask should be like when you were a kid, and you were at grandmas and grandpas place, and you were on a treasure hunt in the attic to find cool old stuff, and among all those cool old stuff you found this piece... A mask with a history.

When we talked about the design I made som concept drawings for Henrik and he loved it and I started right way. The base design I created is very vintage styled in both layout and colors, creamy colors with a strong connection to the Winter Classic jersey. And I also added a lot of cool 3-D effects just to mix the styles, and just as usual, lots and lots of details to discover all over the mask.

To create this mask was a lifetime memory. You can check it out in the mask gallery, on the Facebook page and in the App. Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A guardian dragon on Irving´s new Flames mask

Calgary Flames

A guardian dragon fits perfect on a mask for a goalie guarding the net. The Calgary Flames keeper Leland Irving had such a cool classic idea. I created the dragon winding around the mask, no puck wanna go there... The whole design is painted in a very old school style, white base, and the dragon is inspired from old school tattoo style. The flames around the mask and the script on the chin are also very old school.

Dragons are a perfect theme on a mask. Check out Leland´s last mask on the site. This new dragon I created in a totally different style compared to the previous. I love to change paint styles from day to day when I paint, depending on what style and feeling the designs needs. When I made the early sketches for this one I was very inspired by old school tattoo styles.

This asymmetric winding design with so different sides gives a cool effect when the mask is turn side to side. Just as usual it is painted with extreme details to be discovered all over the mask, and DAVEART Holographix FX gives sweet 3-D effects, spiced with metallic glitter and golden fadings.

Among the details I also painted a sky on the side with a bomber plane flying, that is a tribute to Leland´s uncle that passed away this summer. Welcome to check out Leland Irving´s Calgary Flames mask , and thank you for your interest.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gameday in Anaheim

Anaheim Ducks

Gameday in Anaheim is the name of the Anaheim Ducks keeper Jeff Deslauriers´ new mask. Jeff had such a cool idea for the mask and I loved it at once. He really likes the classic photo of the goalie Ken Dryden leaning on his stick. How about painting a duck goalie in that same cool pose? Around that idea I then created a theme with ducks playing hockey, mixed with an action packed graphic design from the Ducks uniforms, and just as usual lots and lots of details to discover all over the mask.

So all over the mask i painted ducks playing hockey, and when ducks play hockey it is with great speed and action, just check out the ducks skating on the side... And check out that drooling Ducks goalie bursting out from the mask...he just saved the puck with his mouth, that is what I call badass goalie... :) They play with such incredible speed it is duck feathers flying all over the mask. And watch out for those feathers... they will return on more Ducks masks... I cannot tell you enough how fun it was to create this design for Jeff Deslauriers.

Check it out in the mask gallery and on Facebook, or in the App for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Vokoun´s next P.O.T.U.S mask

Washington Capitals

Today we have the honor to present the Washington Capitals goalie Tomas Vokoun´s latest mask artwork I have made for him. I am very proud to paint for Tomas and the first P.O.T.U.S mask I made for him made such a success, so this new design is a continuation. This one have the same basic lines, but the first mask was more in white to fit the white jersey, while this design is more red to fit the red uniform.

The design is an effective so called 2 in 1 design. From a distance it is a classic almost retro design with the Caps wings spreading out and strong contrasts and clear colors. But when you come closer it enters a new dimension of extreme detail work. Again the theme of the mask is The President Of the United States. Here and there all over the mask you will discover small artworks with the President. I came up with the design idea this summer when I walked around our local lake, I created every detail in my mind. When I told Tomas my design ideas he immediately gave me green light to start.

On the right side I painted many small Presidents in subtle colors, I painted them in a very old style, almost like on a canvas, I even created the White House, and President statues...and on the left side I painted parts of the Memorial Wall, and an American eagle, and much more. Goalies love details and designs telling a story, and I love to create it. I am so thankful to be able to do this as a living. I´ve been working with this for 15 years now and it is a joy to go to work and create new paintings every day. Hope you enjoy this one. Thank you for your interest.

Go to the mask gallery or our Facebook page to check it out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lightning theme on Janus´ mask

Tampa Bay Lightning

We welcome Tampa Bay Lightning´s keeper Jaroslav Janus to our team. I had so fun when I created his new mask design. The theme on the mask is one thing and one thing only: lightning! All lighting bolts on the mask are created with lots and lots of metallic glitter, so that they really pop and stand out even when you see them from a distance.

Around this I created an old school design with the cool new Tampa logo and Zeus getting ready to throw some lighting bolts. And as usual I have spiced up the design with lots of details to discover, and also DAVEART Holographix FX and metallic glitter.

Welcome to check out Jaroslav Janus´ Tampa Bay Lightning mask in the mask gallery.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bernier´s new vintage mask

Los Angeles Kings

Today we have the honor to present the Los Angeles Kings keeper Jonathan Bernier´s new vintage mask, created for the alternate uniform. It is so fun and creative to paint for Jonathan Bernier, and the previous LA mask I created for Jonathan was chosen by Kevin Weekes as the # 1 of all masks in the NHL. This design is very different from Jonathan´s other LA masks where he always wants the lion face on the top. This design is very unique, it is created with the vintage colors in yellow and purple, and the design is just as last years vintage mask a tribute to the LA Kings goalie legend Rogie Vachon.

When you look on the mask from a distance it is a very old school design, crisp and clean. And when you come closer you discover a new world of details that tie the whole together. It also connects with Jonathan´s previous LA masks. On one side I created an artwork with Vachon, I painted him in action together with his old school hockey card, and his signature and number. You also find details from Jonathan´s earlier masks, and as usual lots and lots of details and 3-D effects. I love to put a lot of thought into every detail.

Welcome to check it out in the mask gallery or on our Facebook page, or in the App for iPhone, iPad and Android. Thanks for your interest.

Win The Smurfs on Blu-ray!

The Smurfs

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The Smurfs

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Monster Rocker mask

Toronto Maple Leafs

I have painted for the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonas Gustavsson since he was a kid. It is an honor for me to follow a goalie through his career and evolve the mask designs from year to year.

I remember one of the first masks I painted for a young Jonas when he played in AIK in Sweden, it was a design with badass rats guarding a castle. AIK is called the rats, and they have a castle in the logo. Then later when Jonas played in Färjestad we started to do more monster styled designs, I created an octopus styled monster he used on a couple of masks during his time in Färjestad.

Then when Jonas moved to Toronto I came up with the idea how to mix a leaf with a monster cause of his nickname. Jonas liked my sketches and after that it has been many Monster leaf masks... I´m very proud to paint for Jonas and show it to the fantastic fans of the Maple Leafs.

This design idea I came up with last spring, with the monster leaf super big all over the mask, so Jonas becomes a monster leaf with this on his out! Jonas also wanted a tribute to the fantastic town of Toronto, so in the background I created the Toronto skyline with the CN Tower. I´ve been in the tower myself to do research... :)

Welcome to check out Jonas Gustavsson´s The Monster Rocker mask in the mask gallery, if you dare... :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boone becomes a fighter jet pilot

Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets goalie Peter Mannino always wants the cute mascot Boone from his school years on the mask. I love when a character follows a goalie through the career, and to evolve the character from year to year. I have painted for Peter for a couple of years and we have placed Boone in all kind of situations on his masks, from a fisherman or transformed him into a bird when Peter played in Atlanta Thrashers... Now when Peter plays with Winnipeg Jets, the immediate idea was to create Boone as a fighter jet pilot. So I dressed him up in a pilot outfit and gave him a cute fighter plane to fly with... :)

Around this I created an effective, crisp and clear Jets design with the red leaf in focus. I also created the body of the mask as the body of a plane with nits and metal effects. The metal has been torn open, Boone has to fly carefully... The design of the mask is also mixed with a design connection to Peters pads. And as usual, lots and lots of details.

As you can see I had lots of fun when I created Peter Mannino's Winnipeg Jets mask design a hot summer day. Welcome to check it out in the mask gallery and on Facebook.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flames and graphic demon eyes on Karlsson´s new Flames mask

Calgary Flames

I love to always evolve new design ideas. During the hot summer I came up with the idea how to create 2 flame designs in 1. With black classic flames coming from the back of the mask very interesting effects are achieved. From distance the red base also turns into unique red flames from the front of the mask. A cool way how to create a "2 in 1 design". The Calgary Flames keeper Henrik Karlsson loved my ideas and I started to paint.

In the front of the mask I also painted graphic lines that are inspired by the jersey, and I placed them so that from the front they feel like angry demon eyes. Gives a cool personality and profile to the mask.

I created the design with lots and lots of 3-D effects and metallic glitter, with sweet small lightning effects giving cool action. And on the chin the Calgary Tower, Karlsson´s nickname...

Welcome to check out Henrik Karlsson's Calgary Flames mask in the mask gallery, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for your interest.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Watch out, Dex is shooting cannon balls

Columbus Blue Jackets

Watch out folks, Dex is shooting cannon balls with his civil war cannon... He has just lit the match and is ready to shoot again. He has already fired a bunch of cannon balls...check out the other side of the mask, it is cannon ball holes all over...

As you can see I had a lot of fun creating this design for Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Mark Dekanich. I have painted for Mark for many years, and he always wants this dude on his masks... I have created this Dex dude in many different situations on the masks, and now when Mark moved to Columbus I came up with the idea to have Dex play with a civil war cannon...and waving a Blue Jackets flag... Mark loved the idea and I started to paint. As usual I painted it with lots of cool details and metallic glitter, giving sweet action to the design.

Welcome to check Mark Decanich's new Dex mask and more Dex masks that I´ve created in the mask gallery, you also find some of them on our Facebook page.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Leighton pays homage to Flyers hockey legends

Philadelphia Flyers

Today we are very happy to present Mike Leighton´s new Philadelphia Flyers mask. The design is a continuation from last season´s Broad Street Bullies tribute mask, which made huge success when we presented it and my mailbox almost exploded. When I created that design I wanted to come up with something totally new, I love to create designs in new styles and think outside the box.

This new design is totally different, but still in the old school style, and is a tribute to three legendary Flyers goalies. The design is named after their numbers. I created them on the sides with old school oil paint tech, both action shots and portraits. And yes the arrow on the top is also a tribute to a Flyers goalie legend. I put a lot of thinking behind every detail, as always... :)

From a distance the design is an old school design with great contrasts, and when you come closer a new world of details and story telling opens up. An old school design spiced up with 3-D effects and metallic effects.

Welcome to check it out in the mask gallery, the App and on Facebook. Thanks for your interest.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Glitter on Nilsson´s new Islanders mask

New York Islanders

Today we have the pleasure to present Anders Nilsson´s new New York Islanders mask. I have painted for Anders for many years, and we have talked many times about doing a lot of glitter on his mask. Now on his first NHL mask we felt it was time. Anders wanted a graphic and clean design with a lot of white, and the Islanders logo in a cool pattern all over the mask.

I put together a design concept for him and he immediately gave me thumbs up, and I created this in the middle of the hot summer. The painted cage is a thing I and Anders have made on many of his masks.

Welcome to check out the mask in the mask gallery, on Facebook or in the App. Thanks.