Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wall of Bobs is the name of Bobrovsky's new artwork

Columbus Blue Jackets

Today we have the pleasure to present the Columbus Blue Jackets keeper Sergei Bobrovsky's latest bucket. The whole design can be summarized in one word; a wall, or more precise, a brick wall. :-)

Sergei wanted the mask to be created as a very strong and solid brick wall. No cracks in the wall what so ever. I loved the idea, a classic theme for a goalie.

My idea was to transform the whole mask into a brick wall in CBJ colors, and the design is put on the brick wall as old school posters. I built this design concept as both a tribute to his new team, his new homeland and also his motherland. I immediately got green light to start and had so much fun when I created it.

Just as usual it is pumped with details and lots of 3-D effects, a treasure map of details all over the mask, just what I love to do.

Bobs, I love to paint for you!

You're welcome to check out Sergei Bobrovsky's new Columbus mask in the mask gallery! Thank you all for your interest in my paint.