Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Zombie Fryer is here

New York Islanders

Let us present…: The Zombie Fryer! The most effective weapon against zombies!

Kevin Poulin wanted something really, really scary on his new New York Islanders mask… Something very badass with zombies… something never done before… I started to think… And this idea emerged in my brain… How about transform the whole mask into Old Sparky….

As you know, the only way to stop a zombie is to kill the brain… and here is when Old Sparky can be in handy… Look closely on the chin of the mask, there you find the power switch, and it is turned on… Holy smokes, even the eye of the zombie pops out…

I just love to come up with new ideas day in day out and play with the airbrush :) Fantasy is my biggest passion… But I do not think zombies love this idea….

Kevin, love to be your painter, it is so creative! :)

As usual the design is packed with all the DAVEART trademark effects and all kind of details to be discovered all of the mask…

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Thank you all for your interest in my paintings!