Thursday, October 3, 2013

Unique Moose mask… it can be yours! Charity auction, help us fight children´s cancer

New York Rangers

Today we present a very unique Moose mask, and it can be yours! We will sell it in a charity auction for Barncancerfonden. It is a Swedish foundation fighting children´s cancer, see more at . Help us fight children´s cancer.

When Johan Moose Hedberg trained with #NewYork Rangers earlier this fall #Rangers quickly ordered a mask for him and I created it for him. Now when Moose will not continue with Rangers me and Moose decided we wanted to do something extra special with this mask. We will auction it off for charity, and the money goes to Barncancerfonden. E-mail us your bid to, the auction closes 15th of October.

It may be the coolest Moose masks ever! Since the mask should have a New York theme, we transformed Moose into Snake Plissken, inspired from the classic movie "The Escape from New York" :)

The mask is just as in the movie… New York in the future, a bad future and New York is damaged and built into a prison! You see the prison walls there on each side with the NYR shield on it.

But nothing can hold Moose Plissken, he just breaks through the wall, and bricks are flying all over. Of course he has his eye patch and leather jacket, and huge gun, just as the Plissken he is. And check out the gun closely, it not only has laser sight, check out the name of the gun, it is a Mooze Uzi :)

On the other side you see the liberty statue fallen into pieces, just as in the movie… and hey there is also a Wanted poster, they are trying to catch Moose Plissken! Watch out!

The chin of the mask is transformed into New York street life, with a street and a classic red fire hydrant, and a steaming manhole of course! 100% New York...

I just love to paint action, and extreme details, and create new Moose characters, and create story telling designs, and here you have it all!

Thanks #Moose! Love to be your painter! We have been working together now for 16 years!

Thank you all for your visit here at the site!

Welcome with your bid and this mask can be yours! Help us fight children´s cancer.

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