Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mrazek is a part man, part machine, all goalie… 👾😬

Detroit Red Wings style=

Watch out… it seems to be some kind of war going on on this mask… 💥 On Petr Mrazek´s previous mask his favorite guy Griffin was transformed into Superman… and now he is here again… and now transformed to the badass Detroit cop, mr Robocop himself! 👾 🔩 A perfect choice when you are a goalie in Detroit!

Watch out bad guys, our super cop RoboGriffin is here to clean up in town…. 🌃

But hey, RoboGriffin seems to bumped into some problems…. on the other side of the mask there is another robot jumping up, he wants to take RoboGriffin´s job! He is shooting at RoboGriffin and it´s bullet holes all over…🔫 watch out!

In the background you find Detroit skyline, and also the old trainstation of Detroit…🚂

Just as usual the design is loaded with extreme detail work, just what I love to paint and create, and for sure all the DAVEART Trademark Super FX is here…⭐️

Thanks Petr, I am so proud to be your personal artist! 👍

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Thank you all for your interest.