Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ellis´ new Florida mask is transformed into a... swamp boat (!!)…🌴🐊

Florida Panthers

Be ready for an action ride in the Florida swamps among dangerous animals…🌴 Dan Ellis new Florida bucket is transformed into a swamp boat, and of course it is a cool panther driving it…!😺

On one side he looks really badass…😼 but hey what is swimming under the boat… it is the tail of a gator!🐊

The panther can sense it is a gator somewhere, but he can’t see it, he look back… Oh no, this is bad news… the gator pop up on the side with hungry eyes.. We recommend the panther to go even faster! 💨

I love to paint masks so they transforms into something else… and this is the first time I transform a mask into a Florida swamp boat… a perfect fit for a goalie in Florida Panthers… 😺🍊🌴

And just as usual it is loaded with details all over the mask and all the DAVEART Trademark effects💎… I had fun when I painted this piece.😃🎨

Thanks Dan! We have been working for so many years, you are so creative and I love to be your painter.🎨

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Thank you all.❤️