Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Justin´s dawg mask transformed into Abe Lincoln…⭐️

Washington Capitals

I had so fun when I painted and created this piece… Justin always has his mask transformed into a crazy dawg.. 🐶 Check out his earlier masks we have made together, you find them on my site 😊

Well how about transform the dawg into a politician, since Justin plays in the Capitals city with all the politicians… me and Justin brainstormed together, and then this idea popped up… How about transform Justin´s dawg into President Lincoln🎩, a true boss and President, yea why not?

So here he is, the dawg is showing off his teeth more than ever, and since he is Abe, he has the Abe beard, Abe hat and the same kind of tie as Abe….🎨

And just as usual, if you dare to come close to this hungry dawg, you will find a storybook of details, Abe himself, and the Capitolium, and the President´s sigill…and more...

And this dawg really takes care of his teeth and brush them very well, so well so they glows in the dark…💡

Of course the mask is loaded with all the DAVEART Trademark Super FX💎, and so much more…

Thanks Justin, so proud to be your personal artist! We have been working for many years and I am looking forward to many more years.

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Thank you all for your interest.❤️