Sunday, October 11, 2015

New adventures on Elliott's new bucket...🎢

St Louis Blues

Brian Elliott's new St Louis Blues mask is totally packed with action🎶. Once again his buddy Casey Jones shows up on his mask, with his Moose buddy, better known as Pitbull Moose...👊🏻

They are guarding the streets of St Louis, catching bad guys... And no one wants to fight these two... The Pitbull Moose has already been in a couple of fights👊🏻... Check out what his hanging from his antler...👀

I love the challenge to transform the masks into a story📚, and the masks surface becomes a storyline and take us on a journey to a new world...🌃

The closer you come the more details you will discover🔎... And in every detail the design live and breath St Louis Blues.🎼

And just as usual the creation is loaded with all the DaveArt Trademark Super FX💎...

Thanks Brian, I love to be your personal artist🎨.

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Thank you all.❤️