Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rinne's mask for his cousin❤️

Nashville Predators

Pekka Rinne told me he wanted to create a unique mask for his dear cousin Väne❤️.

A mask which is a tribute to their childhood and how they grew up together playing hockey, Pekka and his cousins👶.

Pekka and I brainstormed together during summer how the design could be created. We came up with a plan and I started to paint🎨.

On a distance it is a clean cut Predators design with the logo in focus in the middle😼. The graphics in blue and white and yellow makes it a design breathing Nashville Predators. And of course you will also find the Finnish lion🇫🇮.

When you come really close you will discover the detail work and the design transforms into a Storyteller design in front of your eyes📚.

On the side you will find paintings of Pekka' cousins and his sister as kids. On the other side paintings of Pekka and his cousins playing pond hockey as kids, and also a painting of Pekka playing as a pro with his team Nashville Predators😺. You will also find the logo of their youth hockey team👍🏻.

Thanks Pekka for your trust in my art, it was a pleasure to create this piece for you. Pekka and I have been working together for many years and it is always a joyride to create a new Pekka Rinne design.😀

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Thank you all for your interest.❤️