Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cool fishermen stay cool in the Hurricane storm, but watch out for the submarine!

Carolina Hurricanes

Today we have the pleasure to present my buddy Dan Ellis' new Carolina Hurricanes mask... Dan is always so fun to work with, he sends me so cool drawings, I've told him he can start work here after his goalie carrier. :-) I am so proud to be your painter Dan!

Dan had the coolest idea... he wanted something totally new for a Carolina mask... something describing the unique working situation the goalie has... so how about cool old fishermen (!) working in the wildest hurricane storm, just keeping their heads cool, even though it's the worst storm around them. That is a perfect connection to a goalie's unique working situation!

I love to work with a lot of details, so the whole design is built on that, and the closer you look the more you will discover. :-) The fishermen just keep on working in the middle of the wildest storm. But seems to be trouble...a big submarine is coming! But the fisherman stays cool anyway... :-)

Welcome to check out Dan's new Hurricanes mask, you will find it all over, here on the site, on the social networks Twitter and Facebook, and of course in the DAVEART App...! Thank you all for visiting my site and checking out my paintings! Take care.