Sunday, December 2, 2012

Svensson’s Skellefteå mask

Skellefteå AIK

Today we have have the pleasure to present Markus Svensson’s new Skellefteå mask. It is always so special to paint for goalies that I have painted for since they were kids, makes me feel old... :-) I remember when Markus was a kid and came to my studio, he followed the big boys from his team when they were about to get their masks done by me. Now Markus himself is a big boy, playing in the Swedish elite league.

Back then Markus wanted very old school designs, and it is the same now. Very crisp and clear, and very retro. The whole design is based on Skellefteå’s cool uniform with the awesome sun from the logo, so classic. The name of the design is Sunrise, and what could be a better name for a mask. The deer skull on the top is a tribute from Markus to his new hometown Skellefteå.

And just as usual the design is pumped with details all over to be discovered when you come closer and closer, there’s a message behind every detail.

I love to paint for you Markus!

Check it out in the mask gallery. Thank you all for your interest in my paint!