Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hetenyi’s new Admirals mask creates a storm

Milwaukee Admirals

Today we have the pleasure to present Zoltan Hetenyi’s new Milwaukee Admirals mask. I love to always try new design ideas and effects, never stand still. This design is created as a so called 2 in 1 design. From a distance it’s a clean design inspired by the team uniform, but the closer you get the more details you will discover. All the details create a very unique rough look, like the feeling of a storm at sea, like a ship lost at the sea in the storm and fog.

Just as usual the design is action pumped with lots and lots of details and special effects, and some stuff and effects you can only see when you see the mask live.

Zoltan, I had so fun when I painted this design for you!

Check out the mask in the gallery. Thank you all for your interest in my paint.