Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nilsson's favorite movie...

New York Islanders

Anders Nilsson has a favorite movie, and he wanted that on his mask. The movie is The Escape from Alcatraz, and I love that movie too, I've seen it so many times. I started to brainstorm how to build the design, and Anders gave me thumbs up directly and I started to paint. Clint Eastwood on the side carving out from the wall, and in the background you see the silhouette of the island giving cool depth to the design.

The rest of the design is built on Islanders' cool logos and colors, with strong colors, giving the design a sweet old school feeling. And just as usual the design is pumped with details, most of them you need to see the mask live to discover.

Love to work with you Anders!

You're all welcome to check out Anders' Islanders mask in the mask gallery.