Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vito on Svedberg’s new mask

Boston Bruins

I am very happy to present my buddy Niklas Svedberg’s new Bruins mask. I feel like a very lucky dude, to every day wake up and do what I love the most, to paint.

Those of you who have seen Niklas’ previous masks will know what he wants on his masks... I’ve done many masks for Niklas, and he has a favorite movie always showing up on his mask’s... But this time painted I it in a new way. I love to paint in new styles and always come up with new ideas. Every mask is always 100% unique.

The design is created as an old school design with the awesome Bruins logos and colors, and in the Bruins layout I created an artwork with Mr Vito. And the closer you look the more details you will discover, and the design transforms in front of your eyes. Just as usual the design is pimped with so much details and special effects.

Thanks Niklas, I had so fun when I painted this one for you. :-)

Check out the mask in the mask gallery. Thank you all for your interest.